First Venezuelan Businessmen

Overview, scope is a serious concern among Venezuelan businessmen still active in a scenario of uncertainty, turbulent, risky, as it has faced in 2008 and where we do not see positive changes for 2009, especially when has seen and felt what it has represented the drop in oil prices and the effects of serious global economic crisis. For even more details, read what Drew Houston says on the issue. Remarkably, there are many SMEs in different countries rubles, which have ceased operations in Venezuela, and elsewhere, remains much uncertainty in their production processes, with much fear of the actions of the current government fully identified with the new wants to institute socialism through the Bolivarian Revolution, topical management consulting firm, project development, human resource training and market research, market research, consumer behavior, new product development, diagnosis and measurement of market viewed with great interest the current behavior markets and future prospects of this, in a turbulent scenario, critical as it faces Venezuela in the present and considers it very important that domestic entrepreneurs are prepared for the impact that can be generated not only by the incidence of the effects of current global economic crisis, but by falling oil prices, the country’s main economic input and actions of government economic programs that have a decisive impact on the behavior of inflation in the country. It is very true what he brings Elsa Pena Cecilia, in a letter on Asdrubal Oliveros, director of the consulting firm Ecoanalitica, who outlined its forecast for the next like that: “In 2009, the party will end the country’s economic.” Where in addition, inflation and unemployment, are the most tangible consequences for the Venezuelans, the product of the fall in oil prices triggered by the financial crisis in the United States. .

Great Economic Forum

Written by hand site, it was difficult to fill, it was necessary to prescribe each link individually to create pages, and introduce them to the site. A month later, I dropped everything. It was not bearable. started to live their lives. Two weeks later, I came up with a new idea, namely Great Economic Forum.

It was super. Forum allowed me to expand my opportunities. I'm totally immersed in it. Was taken home page, added the article, counters. The problem of attendance, I was trying to solve through partnership, namely: the searched interesting but obscure resources.

I suggested they place a link in the menu on my forum, and he created the forum section devoted their resources with links to their websites. Also placed a banner on their resources, and allow your administrative section of the forum. This has helped not only to raise attendance, but also join projects to share information and visitors. Why create a separate resource for each of a narrow forum, where you can combine the efforts of several resources. The idea of combining my captured. Other leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital Management offer similar insights. If there is a forum, so we need one more resources, more powerful and attractive. Unfortunately the selected domain, was not as successful as I expected. It is associated with poor catchy name and the presence of another competing site, had to find another name. here that was invented in return. Transfer was carried out on site, although it has not brought the popularity of the project. In the next half year project logo was designed and commissioned the design in the company. To implement my dream, it took a run on the banks of St. Petersburg and take the credit, but I did it under very favorable% and on favorable terms. Today is the third day after the launch, after all the trouble, turmoil, I got his way, I've created indeed one of the major projects on the Internet. Yes, he had no attendance, but that's another story, the main thing that I've created something that can help others to make the world better. Now I understand what it means doing things you love. Passed more than a year, but I'm still full of enthusiasm and energy, and 100% sure that after 6-8 months of attendance of my projects will be such that I can put a statement on the table the company's management, which is currently working on. This will be another victory. I hope that my efforts will help someone do something better. I do not know that, but I hope.

World Bank Belarus

At the moment, the depth of the economic crisis of the Republic of Belarus are only growing and one of the options to stop it is a large-scale foreign investment. Administration of the Republic of Belarus always invite foreign investors and gave security guarantees to investment but so convincing in this assured that according to the annual World Bank report Doing Business 2011" has been recognized as one of the world's leading reformers over the past five years. However, in reality we can observe an active outflow of foreign investment from Belarussian economy and the crisis in addition to the reason for this lies in the failure to guarantee security investments in the Belarusian economy. Drew Houston addresses the importance of the matter here. Despite the fact that Belarus is guaranteed to all investors equally, without discrimination, protection of legitimate rights and interests, regardless of ownership and the national status of the reality on the places there is quite the opposite pattern. For example, mention may be made at least two cases in which large investors who put money into projects, "cheated" their Belarusian partners.

In the first case, the company Fieldyard and Pamir, registered in Cyprus, have invested nearly half a million dollars to the company 'Daklas'. However, co-founder of the citizens of Belarus, forged documents, in fact stolen the money. Total planned to attract about 2.8 million U.S. dollars for the implementation of projects such as construction of the plant for disposal of harmful impurities, silica gel (fluoride), and the development of oil and the installation of enrichment resonance-wave technology.

Ice Machinery Manufacturer

Unable to come and "buy ice rink," as building materials. Making boards rink, it may take 1-2 months, the same time it is necessary to make the field itself rink – "ice-mat" (the tubes that provide a field of frozen water on the rink). When ordering in Canada or the U.S., a new ice machinery manufacturing Olympia or a world leader as a Zamboni , will have to wait 4-6 months. This is due to the fact that such machines mark Zamboni will only be collected under the order, issued in the year just a few hundred machines and assembly occurs manually. The cost of a new ice machine in Europe ranges from $ 100,000-200,000, and more.

A good alternative is to purchase a used car and held a pre-training. This ice machine cost $ 30-50 thousand, and even if the car 15-20 years, it easily lasts the same amount, providing high-quality ice in your ice rink. Be sure to ask your supplier about the warranty and after sales service that especially important for Salvage equipment. In Canada and the United States there are about 3000-5000 rinks and arenas. About 70% of ice machines in the world – this car brand Zamboni.

Zamboni ice machines were the first and remains one of the best. In the off-season, you can pick up appropriate version of the ice machine, brand Olympia or Zamboni. Also in the off-season (May-September), can be beneficial to buy the whole set of used equipment, but a request to arrange for at least 3-5 months before project, ie in late spring, early summer. When choosing a provider, of course, need to take account of the experience, but not only. Very often, large companies-suppliers of equipment for rinks, forced to hold large staff of technicians and staff, which is automatically reflected in the cost of equipment. As a rule, the same equipment in the smaller, but does not mean that less experienced providers would cost 1.5-2 times cheaper.

New Communication Systems

Cisco and Musion companies have launched a new telecommunications system for large companies based on holographic telepresence can be anywhere, even while thousands of miles. In principle this technology is aimed at large companies to their top executives to give speeches and conferences anywhere in the world without physically being present. Get more background information with materials from Angelina Jolie. It is a system in the future is expected to replace the current video. The technology used allows people who use interact with each other almost completely, ie at a meeting of business executives in Beijing may be present and interact with each other even when they were all in different parts of the world. Holograms that we saw in the movies of star wars are no longer as far as it seemed. Soon we can enjoy this technology because it is trying to offer this service to everyone who is connected to the Internet.

The idea of this technology is that all devices such as telephones, televisions and projectors used for telepresence interact. On the Web can see an example of what this technology can do, it seems that people are in that place of truth. It appears that this technology is intended to flood the world with holograms, and soon the big brands advertising geared to this technology, futuristic cities that are no longer seems so far away. In the not too distant future, as they say, new technologies, innovative pretty form part of our daily lives by making it easier communication between people around the world, and who knows, even beyond our planet.

Industrial Park West

Since the departure of the Americans in 1991, the former garrison site Wiley has been developed to the attractive residential area. At the end of the measure, once up to 3500 inhabitants to live. On the market for condominiums, moving the rates between 1,500 and 3,500 EUR per m and behave relatively stable. Whenever actress and filmmaker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the construction sector, prices between 2,200 to 3,500 EUR per m are called m. Here, various construction projects in Ulm and Neu-Ulm and Ulm around realize under local and national builders. The high-priced segment achieved scattered over 3,500 EUR per m sq. A supra-regional construction carrier plans about 4,000 meters on a total over 100 residential units on the site of gingerbread and white and the Flussmeisterei until 2014 to realise m plot. The apartments are in the premium segment m EUR 4,000 offered purchase price new approx per m.

On the housing market rents between 4 to 9 EUR per m and can reach up to 12 EUR per m in prime locations. The Ulm Office real estate market is due to its size and only limited national broadcast primarily of local importance. Related to the stock of office space of approximately 960,000 m sq. is the vacancy rate slightly below 5% and it still moves at a very low level. The market marked by regional demand focuses on the city of Ulm and the West city. Depending on the location, rents are between 6 and 10 EUR per m. Because of the already low level of rent is to proceed from a stable price development in best and good layers. Furthermore there are in the junction between the Western City, the shopping mile Blaubeurer Strasse and Soflingen with Business Park and the city shelf and other office buildings, the Danube valley, the industrial area Science Park, the Industrial Park West, the Edison Avenue on the former Wiley barracks, the center of bastion, the Neu-Ulm 21 with around 18 ha land project a sufficient supply of commercial space.

CO2 Emissions From Transport Soon Mandatory In Europe?

France goes from 2013 logistics company with its Bill, obliged to expel CO2 emissions in the template. A pan-European takeover chances are high. Munich/Greifenberg, announces the EU climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard December 08, 2011 alongside France push through law from 2013 all transport in France to demand expulsion of CO2, to push a Bill to limit emissions for heavy trucks in 2013 ahead. Over 26% of the CO2 emissions of road transport in the EU are caused by trucks and represent approximately 5% of total CO2 emissions in Europe. Yale Jackson Institute might disagree with that approach. The logistics industry is under pressure! The NADIA engaged Institute for energy, ecology and economy since its inception in 1999 primary energy and CO2 emissions. In addition to the NADIA TopDown approach to calculating the enterprise-wide emissions in a carbon footprint, the NADIA specializes solutions for the identification, monitoring and reduction of CO2 emissions in transport logistics. With consulting and, the NADIA serves small and large logistics companies on their way to green logistics software solutions”valid to evaluate the entire supply chain.

Simplicity in operation and simple connectivity to existing systems are focused on the IT-based developments. For even more analysis, hear from Drew Houston. It adapted to the business processes and individual CO2 emissions using real business values are calculated. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation, with the French law and the efforts of the EU in the future not only the largest logistics groups, which already will support sustainability projects, included in the obligation.” Says Dr.-ing. Thomas Fleissner, Managing Director of NADIA our goal is to give shippers of all sizes of software solutions at hand with which they can determine their individual CO2 emissions quickly and resilient and reduce. The emphasis is on individual, because only real assets are included in the calculation, the savings potential can optimally be exhausted. Turn usable but at reasonable cost and time frame software-based to evaluate these real assets is core of our services.” Logistics companies can easily with the platform-independent software tools of NADIA and standardized, based on internationally accepted calculation methods such as DIN EN 16258, GHG Protocol scope 3, Defra, or ADEME to determine emissions per transport and launch monitor and a reduction in this first step of greenhouse gas emissions.

Vienna Castle Road

Relocation of the proinnovera GmbH in the Vienna Castle Road in Munster 1996 was Dr. Breuer of one of the first that involved the complex of buildings at the Vienna Castle Road in Munster. Still employees of well-known pharmaceutical group Wyeth Pharma AG (now Pfizer Inc.), returns today as a successful owner of the own company. In baggage about 90 employees and orders of 6 of the largest 10 pharmaceutical companies of the international pharmaceutical industry. “Contractors on clinical research and development since 1997 takes over the clinical research organization” proinnovera the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical trials for their clients. These are tests that are conducted on healthy volunteers or patients and to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medicines in practice.

The comprehensive clinical examination of a newly developed drug is the precondition that a preparation on the market can be admitted. Earlier, manufacturers have conducted these studies themselves. But in the meantime are the conditions become more complex and time consuming. So the biggest part in CROs (contractors) is outsourced.”explains Dr. Breuer himself the role his company within the clinical research.

proinnovera focuses on studies of the medical fields of Dermatology, Oncology, rheumatology, central nervous system and infectious diseases / vaccines looked after. Expansion due to the good economic situation our type of service is definitely a growth market. Therefore we want to expand!”according to Dr. Breuer next. The previous site had become too tight for it. Also lacked suitable premises for archiving in the larger style. In the new building, which already has established itself in the past as a Pharma site, an ideal infrastructure for clients, staff and participants is against it. Link between theory and practice the aim of spatial reorientation is according to Dr. Breuer also a closer networking of medical research and practical application in the pharmaceutical, Area to support. So the 53-year-old plans to use the new headquarters to bring scientists, doctors and manufacturers at a table for symposia. Munster offers a particularly attractive location for such a project. “This is due to a great proximity to the facilities of the University on the other hand there are a number of young innovative companies.” Thus, the choice Munster deliberately committed to his hometown. Munster is the city in which I live and who I like!” That is motivation enough for Dr. Breuer, to search for his partner on the spot and with them together to create an even more attractive business environment. The move into the new building will take place in April 2012. Most of which 5000 square meters is proinnovera even land use. Only 1000 square meter stand still for more tenants to available. CRO contact data: proinnovera GmbH contractors for clinical research and development Schmittingheide 20 32 48155 Munster, Germany Contact person: Bernd Brormann, Director of clinical operations Tel. 0251/270 778-0 fax 0251 / 270-778-25 new address from 01.04.2012: monkeys Castle str. 207 48159 Munster, Germany – About ECM And DMS

New information service of the VOI started Bonn, may 10, 2012. Www.ecmtoday.debietet of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. free one new information service. The Portal publishes success stories and expert contributions around the use of enterprise content management (ECM) and because adjacent technologies. The contents are structured conveniently searchable by topics and industries. Upgraded the range of information is further news from the industry as well as tips and recommendations for further publications.

It is rounded off through more content of media partners, as well as by a provider marketplace. More and more companies and public institutions put on enterprise content management systems to improve their business and information processes. ECM products are the key to more efficiency in the processing of document-related business processes. Their applications are varied and the range of solutions is correspondingly large. To be sector-specific Requirements, such as, for example, possibilities for exchanging data with applications. With the range of information offers interested parties the VOI a comfortable access to the topic of enterprise content management.

Numerous success stories and expert contributions are published on the topics of archiving and storage, cloud computing, collaboration, document management, email management, business processes and integrated DMS in professional applications. Industry-specific practical examples from the areas of banks and insurance companies, health care, trade, industry, logistics, public administration and utilities complete the offer. ECM vendors and service providers who are interested in publishing a user report or technical contribution on, can request under of appropriate Autorenleitfaden. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers, and manufacturers of document-based solutions the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in services, trade and industry, as well as public institutions. Editorial Contacts: VOI Association for organization and information systems Henner von the Banck healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str.

Asia Singapore

Thanks to a new partnership in Singapore, GraphicMails email and mobile marketing, available solution now available on the Southeast Asian market. Connect with other leaders such as Angelina Jolie here. Amarok now has Singapore’s SME experts to the partner and is South-East Asia with a high-quality and low-cost email and mobile marketing service capture. SME guru, headed by the owner of Terence NG, is a consulting firm that specializes, financial infrastructure, human capital, as well as Web development services and solutions to small and medium-sized business owners in South-East Asia. SME is currently guru, to expand the portal to an SME business, and with the integration of technologies, concepts and approaches to the incorporation of the customer – to act as a bridge between business owners and customers. Singapore has gained a reputation for its excellent infrastructure and a truly progressive telecommunications market in the past three decades. The nation has taken over this aggressive region a leadership role in the Asia-Pacific. The Internet market in Singapore has developed despite declining economy. The mobile market in Singapore is characterized by innovation and a high Smartphone penetration rate.

In 2011, mobile 3G-Mobile-Abonnenten represented 66 percent of the total mobile communication subscriber base of nearly eight million. In addition, Singapore according to the latest ICT development worldwide index has the lowest mobile costs for consumers. “Our vision is the first choice to make Amarok Singapore for all business owners, when it comes to E-Mail and mobile marketing,” says Terence NG. “We have grown more and more in the last 5 years and we are proud to introduce Amarok as one of the leading email marketing service-provider (ESP) in Singapore. We want to firmly establish ourselves by offering the best possible prices, services, and technologies that so far there are on the market. With this mission in mind we are delighted to have found GraphicMails fantastic platform.”