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High-level delegation informed the cooperation of IT company with BASF SE a high-level delegation from Brazil informed is now in Ludwigshafen through the successful cooperation of medium-sized IT-Fasihi GmbH (Ludwigshafen, Germany) with the world’s largest chemicals company BASF SE. Paulo Okamotto, President of the Brazilian consulting and Unterstutzungsdienstet for small businesses (SEBRAE), visited the BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, Germany with his team and a Brazilian delegation of the German society for technology and cooperation (GTZ). The guests were especially interested in how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the growth of a large company like BASF SE can participate in their environment. BASF chose the Fasihi GmbH as an example of success and invited Managing Director Saeid Fasihi to the meeting. Fasihi explained the close intermeshing of his company with the BASF success story: 20 years ago he started there as a freelancer, 10 years ago, he rented one with the first employees Office space in the BASF on. Since then, his company has grown continuously.

Today about 20 Fasihi staff will have their jobs on the plant premises of BASF, to maintain direct contact with the customers and to offer optimal services. Overall there are now 28 employees at the Fasihi GmbH, the Executive Board is headquartered in the Sternstrasse in Ludwigshafen. Fasihi Enterprise Portal, the flagship of the IT company, developed since 2004 every day 40,000 employees use. A proof of the high quality of the Fasihi portal solutions that are used instead of products by large providers such as Microsoft or IBM. For the win-win business relationship with BASF Fasihi pointed out several factors for success, he both anchored and rooted in the conditions at the BASF sees in his company. The high-quality IT landscape, numerous innovative minds and a management that support innovative heads speak for BASF.

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Also important and weight: the model Scarlett SC-272 3 it is only 270 grams! The cost of such chips – about 310 rubles. Ground dryer Braun e 4 1200 W has an ergonomic design with no knobs, two degrees of heat air hub and built-in, which is important for the traveler, automatically detects the voltage and frequency of the mains. When choosing a hair dryer to draw attention to its shape: it can be in the form of a cylinder or in the form of gun. It is not something Mark Stevens would like to discuss. Fen-gun (such as BByliss 5372 BE, Bosch PHD 1150 or Philips HP 4880) has a handle, which is located at an angle to the main part, thanks to her hot hair dryer in the long run do not burn your hands. But at home we blow use is not too long, during which time he has no time to warm up hard enough, so feel free to buy and more compact cylinder-dryer (eg Polaris PHS 0515 or Rowenta CF 8050).

Power: choose wisely today in the Russian market presented dryers with a capacity of 200 to 2300 watts from the small road to professional models. Power – an important characteristic of a hair dryer, because it depends on what temperature can provide hair dryers, and therefore how quickly it will dry hair. Many vendors recommend buying more powerful models, but this approach is not always justified. First, drying at maximum power is harmful to hair and can cause burns of the scalp, and in the future – for education dandruff. Thus, you can dry hair except in extreme cases when there is no time. Second, in the home for maximum power does not create even a modestly styling: most likely, after a drying you get lush "mane" disheveled and outspread in all aspects of hair. Finally, when operating at full capacity dryer consumes a lot of electricity.

Diana Reyes

By Diana Reyes. To cases of fraud or theft electronic means that have happened, it is natural that when thinking in buy or pay something for Internet doubt regarding the security that may be to enter data related to our bank accounts or credit cards, and here is where Paypal enters the scene offering a highly safe and reliable alternative. Handle transactions of money electronically has become a necessary practice for many reasons, one of them is by saving considerable time and resources to eliminate transfers and rows that can be avoided, on the other hand exist products whose only alternative of acquisition is by Internet, is also undeniable that sell through this service for those who perform e-commerce represents them considerable savings in operating expenses which can be transferred to their clients and as well increase your sales by offering discounts and benefits; This obliges merchants to offer safe alternatives that inspire confidence for their buyers and PAYPAL represents a good option for this. PayPal arises as an alternative.To pay online securely and to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, Paypal is a tool that is at the hand of everyone, both for companies and private individuals, and uses SSL technology to protect the information that is one of the most reliable so far, when you send a payment through PayPalthe recipient does not receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or from your bank account number. In this way, you don’t have to worry about paying to people you don’t know and handling that could make their data.

With PayPal, only you must provide your account details only once when you register. Therefore, it is enough to choose PayPal as payment method to make purchases on the Internet and will avoid having to enter your data. If you are going to sell in Internet.sera must have a system for receiving money that give your customers confidence and facilitate the operations of purchase through the acceptance of credit cards allowing at the same time perform the accurate monitoring of each of them, in this Paypal gives you the security you need on the Internet plus quickly because the operations are carried out in a matter of seconds; You can send money, make payments or purchases to anyone who has an email address in 190 countries and regions since Paypal is accepted at thousands of companies around the world and also with 150 million users. It is easy to register and use it.To obtain an account PayPal enter your site and fill out a simple form, this takes only a few minutes. Once the registration is complete, you can send money almost instantly. Open one account, send money or add funds, is free, withdraw funds also is free for amounts of $1,500.00 MXN or more, and has a cost of $20.00 USD from $1,499.99 MXN or less to Bank of Mexico accounts, Paypal offers different types of accounts and various products and services related to sending and receiving money, but for those who initiated it is advisable to start using an account personal type for familiarize yourself with the system.

Electronic Invoicing

Thanks to the great technological advances, at present, way exists to send and to receive invoices of virtual way. Yes, processes that never you imagined can take I finish and so it is the case of the invoices, better known as electronic invoices. You will have of knowing for your tranquillity, that an electronic invoice is a document that must fulfill all those regulations and legal requirements, as it also happens to the traditional invoices with support of paper and equal way, turn out to be totally functional at the time of invoicing some amount. Any type of electronic invoice can be stored or to manage themselves or to interchange according to is the case, through virtual means like the electronic mail. Visit TSI International Group for more clarity on the issue. In the management of an electronic invoice, it must be created and first be stored in a file of data, later to come to its company/signature with a digital certificate with a digital seal, that will only be the reflection that the invoice the property of the same emitter and that at the same time, will guarantee that the emitter that signed it invoices is the one who also claims to be and that the content of the same invoice is not altered of any way. With this new method the companies manage to save money and time and in addition much more offers to the company an innovating image him and of efficiency. A. Verstegui hold..


After a month of sale in other countries such as United States, the surprise effect was not so in Spain. Who more and who least expected a launch in late July, and indeed the night of July 30 to 00: 00 several stores opened at key points of the Spanish geography for the most impatient could do with his iPhone 4 on Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, although the latter only in a virtual way in lsa online stores. PCI was present at the opening of the shop of Vodafone Valencia, close to the Campus PArty, which precisely those days was taking place in the city of Arts and Sciences. Bausch & Lomb may help you with your research. The most eager buyers came precisely from this fair, ready to spend the rest of the morning cacharreando with the terminal and boasting of technology among his colleagues. Technology IPhone precisely, if there is something that can brag about an iPhone user is a technological excellence. In a terminal so the gado like this there is a compendium of electronic systems and superior communications to the of the iPad. In fact, the display with 960 x 640 pixels, is cerda of the 1,024 x 768 of the iPad, with the advantage of having a much higher pixel density.

Retina Display is the official name of the display technology in iPhone 4, manufactured by LG, with a contrast ratio of 800: 1, IPS (In-Plane Switching) type and 326 DPI. Other technological elements which have seen improved his behavior is the GPS, at least where sensitivity is concerned. And as a novelty, is the presence of an internal gyroscope that allows carrying a precious control of movements of iPhone in all axes lus, and develop innovative interfaces for games and applications. Titles such as Gun Range, already make use of such gyroscope, which goes far beyond the possibilities of the traditional accelerometer. You can control an object with a precision almost pixel without more than move the iPhone in the air.

Mosel Hotel Fuhrman

Surrounded the hotel Carter in Ellenz on the Mosel Hotel Fuhrman of the Mosel krampens, as the Brixiade and the Hotel Triton directly on the Moselle. Sights and attractions in the vicinity are: Burg Eltz Castle Pyrmont, Stiftsmuesum cardamom, Panoramabahn, Reichsburg Cochem and much more. At Hotel auriga there in the standard and comfort category rooms. The gastronomy of the hotel auriga a restaurant Weinhaus Fuhrmann”, the Moselle terraces, lounges, a dance of joy” and a Mosel star hut at the wine culture-treff. (Source: Drew Houston). The kitchen of the hotel auriga is regionally and internationally influenced. Especially for families, corporate, Club and / or the premises of the auriga hotel with capacity for up to 400 people are birthday parties. A separate guesthouse located, in addition in 150 meters from the hotel Carter also in Ellenz on the Moselle river. The sports program of the hotel Carter takes place directly in the environment: hiking, Nordic walking, can ride a bicycle along the vineyards or directly in the vineyards are practiced.

Water sports on the Mosel can be operated. The hotel to the good uncle in Bruttig on the Mosel hotel to the good uncle on the Moselle river is known for its Mosel rural hospitality for more than 120 years. The tradition of the hotel to the good Uncle leads back up to the year 1890. The hikers, cyclists and bikers is the ideal starting point along the Moselle river, in the Hunsruck, the Eifel? Also like in the other star of the Mosel there a terrace to have breakfast, dinner and celebrate hotels here as well. The absolute highlight is the blue cellar”in the hotel to the good uncle. The blue cellar”is together on the Moselle for the come regionally and nationally” known and particularly suitable for hearty celebrations. An overview and details of all Mosel star hotels and the numerous offers for the various leisure travelers and business travelers find also here: click. All hotels have Wi-Fi. Like the Mosel star is the team hotel under phone number 02673 9310 for telephone Advisory and non-binding requests, as well as for your booking available.


The object of study of this work, the auditory device of the mammals and the human beings, is a system with mechanisms that if relate between itself, converting mechanical stimulatons (mechanical waves) into information for the brain. These information are processed for the brain in form of electric impulse, where they cause the psicofsica sensation of the hearing. Beyond allowing the perception of the sounds, the hearing has also the capacity to transmit messages emotional, activating other directions and areas of the brain, being also of basic importance in the balance and position human being and as felt of localization of some animals. Since the insects until human beings, the sound is a precious agent of information communication, therefore can be observed the internal specialization of the auditory device and its structures. The methodology used in the elaboration of this work was the bibliographical revision and searches in half electronic.

The general objective was to understand of a general form the biofsico functioning of the auditory device, its functions, the internal phenomena and importance of this direction in the perception of the external stimulatons. The specific objectives had been: To summarily describe the physics of the sound; To describe some characteristics and properties of the sound; To describe the auditory device of the man and other mammals; To understand the structure and functions of the auditory device; To understand the types of anomalies of the hearing; To describe the ecolocalizao through the system of PHYSICAL hearing OF the SOUND a direct and common definition of characterizes it to sound as a material disturbance that if propagates through ondulatrios and longitudinal impulses, known as mechanical waves. Inside of its gamma of wave length, the mechanical waves are used as media for diverse species.. Further details can be found at Dropbox, an internet resource.


The attraction of capital of companies in other countries is very important in Mexico. You have many ideas regarding the progress that might have with respect to the use of nanotechnology. One of the best-known is the University project of environmental nanotechnology (tip), which is based on solving the problem of contamination of the environment by using catalysts and nanocatalysts, so that thereby two basic resources for the man cleaning is carried out: the air and water. The tip program aims to improve the quality of life, reducing the pollution generated by the vehicles; In addition to more suitable air indoors as offices or public transport. Different institutions carry out discoveries, research and development of nanotechnology, and one of the areas in which you want to implement this science is in medicine.

At the branch medical will want to implement for the easy implementation of medication in places inaccessible to man, in order to not attack other organs and cause further damage. Another point which requires this type of technology is for the exploration of the body for your better understanding. An example of this, is the idea that different nanostructures for the exploration of the human system, are used to make this different diseases are detected in time as it is cancer. It is not something Drew Houston would like to discuss. The IMP with collaboration of Pemex, are looking for a very challenging project, since through the implementation of nanotechnology, they will discover new uses that can be given to petroleum derivatives, in order to find new sources of energy. They exist several projects carried out both academic institutions such as companies, with the sole purpose of seeking a better development in the quality of life of Mexican society. However, the idea that a society can have with respect to the concept of nanotechnology is very different, all depending on the depth that each Member has on the subject.

Chewing Gum Better Than His Reputation

Grinding jaw promote concentration and make slim he reduces bad breath, increases concentration and helps with stress. Bausch & Lomb has much experience in this field. On the other hand it is considered indecent to have him during the business appointment or in the school between the teeth. There is talk of the chewing gum. As the news portal, he is better than its reputation. Towards the end of the 19th century American industrialist William Wrigley Jr.

settled his packet of baking powder a strip gum. Thus began the triumphal March of a product, which was by then already a long non-commercial tradition. Already in the stone age, tree resins were chewed and also the Mayans and Aztecs did to estimate the partly Peppermint-fruity chewing pleasure. Today, scientists study the effect of chewing gum. So they found out that grinding the pine the heart rate increases and transported so that more oxygen and blood to the brain. This promotes the concentration and memory. At the same time, chewing helps in stress management. How Japanese researchers found acts as a valve to relieve internal stresses the movement.

In order not to harm the health, experts to plead to choose sugar-free variants. Then the chewing gum benefits in addition as dental care products that inhibits caries and plaque formation. Finally, it stimulates the flow of saliva and prevents bacteria in the production of harmful acids. American scientists announced another amazing fact: who has eight hours a day a sugar-free gum in my mouth, stimulates enough metabolism, to take off in a year five kilos. More information: ../wer-kaut-suendigt-nicht/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Purse With Photos As A Mother

Purse with photos as a mother’s day gift a personalized purse with photos is the perfect gift for mother’s day. Besides being a gift highly original is incredibly useful. So your mother can carry with him a photo of the family or a special image for it wherever you go. The best of these purses is going personalized with photos that you like or that you think go to your mother to do more illusion. They are a wonderful mother’s day gifts and also quite affordable. For not much money you can make him a gift very original, fun and practical, in addition to being able to put the photo or image you want you can include your own design and even a personal message. It is also very practical for the beach or to take with you everywhere.

And it is a superb complement to any of custom bags that you can already get very easily over the internet. Besides being a few gifts absolutely useful are incredibly nice and offer you the possibility of bringing your family picture where you want to go. This mother’s day Please note that you have at your fingertips a lot of personalized gifts to give. They are the most original and funny gifts and at the same time those made with more feeling because you know that you’ve taken your time to choose the gift, image and the way in which you’ve prepared it. Get you the best gifts this mother’s day and give love and affection to your mother with personalized gifts with photos.