State Technical Sales

is a graduate in Economics. It was a market analyst for Venezuela and the Caribbean at the Embassy of Spain in Caracas between 1980 and 1981. Since 1984 is the State Technical Sales. He has taught macroeconomics and international economics at the Center for Business Studies in Madrid from 1984 to 1989. Between 1986 and 1987 he was adviser to the Cabinet of the Minister of Finance, coinciding with the stage of Carlos Solchaga as head of the department. Between 1988 and 1989 he was chief of staff of the Ministry of Commerce, during one of the two terms of Apolonio Ruiz Ligero. He was part of the management boards of public companies Aldeasa (1987), Initec (1988-1989) and the Industrial Cr Bank (1988-1989).

Windows Movie Maker

Chema, and all those who follow him, we had our first, and look, here we are, gaining prominent positions, giving us to inform those who are interested in our products or services in a more personal way and eliminating this cold that has a simple web page, an e-mail, or an article. But best of all is that we convey confidence and credibility, and believe me that it is essential in business on the Internet. When he started the Internet boom in the mid-1990s, had a phrase that said if you don’t have web page do not exist. Today it is changing by this one. If you don’t have videos on the Internet you do not exist. As for the technical part, as comment above it is not necessary to be a professional recording and editing. At present all computers bring a small editing program, in the case of the Windows Movie Maker, or Ilife 09 for Mac integrated in your operating system. Very simple to use, with help in Spanish both sufficient and to introduce us in the Marketing with Videos on the Internet.

Even during the last quarter of the year 2009, Youtube, online video for excellence platform, has added functionality can holder your creations without the need for additional software. Another important point to keep in mind for the realization of Marketing on the Internet is the optimization of all the work to make this effective. If we make a family, household, video for friends and known it is possible that just as you customize it, but when you try that this video has an audience specific and you want to be seen by the largest number of people you must take into account certain details such as title, description, keywords, tools that provides you with the work of distribution of your videos among others. You can get more information to start your promotion through videos via the following link: Marketing with Videos original author and source of the article.