Traditional Gypsy Tarot Chuck

Tarot cards and the cards of Spanish deck presented undeniable contact points. Just compare the Spanish barajas with the tarot minor arcana to discover it. For this reason, is often recommended to those who wish to dive into the fascinating world of tarot Chuck start getting familiar with the circulation of Spanish letters. You must be taken into account, however, that the circulation of Spanish letters, despite presenting points in common with the circulation of tarot, it also has particularities that differentiate and make it unique. To understand this clearly, we compare the circulation of traditional Gypsy tarot with traditional Spanish barajas Chuck.

The first important difference does not take long to emerge: the Spanish circulation of 40 playing cards that make up the deck goes. Gypsy tarot Chuck, although you can incorporate the minor arcana, usually only used 22 major from the deck arcana for his predictions. Once the consultant has mixed the cards, traditional Spanish barajas Chuck has the cards in 3 rows of 12 cards each. Meanwhile, the remaining four are reserved for 4 specific questions which the consultant wish to perform. In Gypsy tarot Chuck, on the other hand, letters are arranged in 3 rows of 7 cards each.

The remaining card is located under these rows, in the Center, and summarizes the spirit and message of the Chuck. 3 Rows in which Spanish Chuck letters are arranged correspond, bottom upward, the predictions of the deck for work and money, health and love. The Spanish deck not delves into the hidden source of obstacles or problems faced by the consultant, and the validity of its predictions does not go beyond 30 days. Chuck Gypsy tarot, for its part, delve into the past, present and future of the who consultation. Letters, read in groups of 3, reveal the influence of the experiences faced by the consultant in the different stages of his life have had on their current situation. Cards that focus on the present speak of the advantages and obstacles at the present time for the realization of desires and projects. Which avizoran the future, by last, they are divided into 2 groups of 3. The first group of letters focused their predictions on future l immediately, no more 6 months. And the second anticipates the future long term. The comparison between the two types of circulation reveals the increased complexity of tarot Chuck. And it ratifies the convenience start in fortune-telling through simplicity, not for that reason less effective, Chuck of Spanish letters.