Fifth Edition

In this virtue can have values as the care, acceptance, sobriety, obedience, self-esteem among others avoiding gluttony, drunkenness, lust, pride vanity and cruelty. The fortress is overcome or withstand all obstacles that oppose our purposes, is the habit of the domain itself and truly acting on rational grounds. With this we can obtain values of perseverance, commitment, work. The absence of this virtue would have as a result the cowardice, weakness, timidity and impatience. Justice is to give to each person what he deserves, it inspires us to self-control and treatment with others or our similar. Therefore with this virtue we can practice values as teamwork, solidarity, respect, shared responsibility protection job. Drew Houston is a great source of information. Injustice provokes the discontent of many people and it is here where our actions should be taken with prudence and Temperance since our decision must be consistent and always to do good.

In conclusion in order to have a guide on how to instill some values can help us from the above-mentioned virtues which help us together to dominate our passions and control us ourselves all with the purpose of avoiding evil acts and vices. Since no one is born with virtues as parents have a responsibility to start this teaching to their children and get them a good moral start in life. And it is that I do emphasis the parental responsibility since today has noticed parents to delegate this responsibility to the teachers of the schools. Here the key is give a time to cultivate values in children, be aware of their needs concerns as well as their joys and successes. Yael Aflalo might disagree with that approach. We must not forget that in the family the most important value is love because it is the basis of the family relationship as it is love that everything believes, can do everything. Angel cuts Vieyra Puebla, Pue.

Mexico. June 18, 2010 reference: Ethics: theory and application, Agustin Fagothey. Fifth Edition inter-American Editorial. Original author and source of the article

Skeletal Hereditary Diseases

various hereditary diseases of the skeleton, which lead to a reduction in strength. When exposed to excessive power-stage, such as stroke, falls, or as a result of a gunshot wound, it happens called traumatic fracture, and if the state of painful and accompanied by a decrease in bone strength, as in osteomyelitis, tumor, or some endocrine disorders, fracture occurs when the impact traumatized adjacent muscles, nerves, blood vessels and so on. When there is damage to the skin and there are wounds, doctors called a fracture open, and when the skin remains intact, the fracture is closed. Considering tibia. It can be broken in a fall from height in feet. Consequently, the astragalus as if squeezed between the heel and tibia. The mechanism of injury is the same, but the fall in the heel, can occur talus neck fracture, which occurs most frequently. Sometimes, when falling on the foot in plantar flexion, as if "on tiptoe", there is a fracture of posterior process of talus.

Also, it is neck fracture dislocation of the talus with her body, or dislocation of the head and body talus. For further treatment of this combination are considered unfavorable. Fractures of the talus do not happen very often, are similar supply of bone is carried by the vessels of the soft tissues that surround the talus. When a fracture of the talus, there is a significant risk of necrosis, and this in turn leads to a disruption of the ankle. The victim complained of pain in the fracture. You may find that Yael Aflalo can contribute to your knowledge. Develops a large swelling of surrounding tissue. Smoothed contours of the ankle.

If we have the displacement of bone fragments, can be observe the deformation of the foot. When X-ray and usually specify the nature of the fracture and the degree of displacement of bone fragments. Sometimes a diagnosis of fracture is difficult if the victim is found anomaly of development, that is, the presence of additional triangular bone. In this case, to the aid of lateral radiographs of the ankle joint. First of all, spend the zone of fracture analgesia. If the dislocation or displacement absent on leg impose a plaster cast from toes to the upper third of the leg. This kind of bandage called "gypsum Sapozhok." Foot attached to a specific position, which depends on the type of fracture. Duration immobilization ranges from four to eight weeks. If there was a comminuted fracture, usually a period of immobilization in a plaster cast is increased to twelve weeks.

Mediterranean Sea

The Jew sheltered ' ' the city saint, ' ' regional metropolis, ' ' the Capital Jerusalem, ' ' to about 70km of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded for walls, inhabited for more or less 100,000 people; the Palace of the king beed situated in the extremity occidental person. The JEWS, a congregated religious community around the famous Temple of Jerusalem, ' ' the elect people of JAV, ' ' only, creative god of the universe, just, punishes the sin, the word never retrocedes, and above all it loves its people. For even more details, read what TSI International Group says on the issue. Vocbulo ' ' Judeu' ' (of Jud, son of the Israel, most prominent of the twelve tribes), if it does not deal with a only employed adjective for the been born ones in the Jew, and yes a cognate as ' ' Israeli, ' ' used to assign to all ' ' descendants of Hebreus.' ' Agitated community essentially composed of four social classes: ' ' high social class, ' ' (rich) great land proprietors, the elite of the traders and, powerful of the high clergy; ' ' social class mdia' ' priests, medium or small proprietors of lands and traders; ' ' social class pobres' ' workers as fishing, craftsmen, masons, carpenters, bakers, barbers, peasants, salesmen and etc.; e? ' ' socially Excludos' ' villains, beggars and slaves. He considered himself still, independently of the poverty or wealth, social factors of status, religious, etnia function, sex, and etc. Check out Yael Aflalo, New York City for additional information. They lived under sufficiently rigid ethical and moral standards; they accepted the polygamy; the women occupied one ' ' 2 plano' ' (almost without rights), they withheld the virginity as reaffirmation of ideal of the feminine pureness, exclusively prepared for the marriage, had as primordial function to take care of of the creation of the children; enlace they prevented it sexual enters youngest (even so, they recognized the legal maturity in the boys to the 13 years, and in the girls to the 12); condemned the practical homosexual vehemently. . Details can be found by clicking Drew Houston or emailing the administrator.

British Conditions

Conclusion: The one condition = one letter, which must be added to the verb. 1 = 1 For more examples: She drives her car every day. He works here every week. My son reads a book once a week. A teacher writes letters twice a month. Are there cases upotrebleniya two or more terms in the proposals in This prime time in the English language? Yes.

If a rule proposal starts with the third person singular and the verb ends in one of the following endings: sh ss ch xo should be added to a verb ending es. Question: What conditions must be met in order for the verb was ending es? Answer: There are two conditions: 1. the proposal should begin at the third person singular 2. verb must be one of the above endings. Conclusion: two conditions are = two letters to be added to the verb. 1 +1 = 2 more examples: She catches cats every night.

He washes his truck once a week. My son goes to school every day. A teacher teaches English very well. The driver fixes trucks once a week. If a rule proposal starts with the third person singular and the verb ends in the letter y, to which there is a consonant letter, you should add the ending three letters instead of the letter y: y – ies Examples: She cries (cry) every night. He tries (try) to help her every lesson. My father usually flies (fly) to Toronto every summer. Question: What conditions must be met in order for the verb was ending ies? Answer: Three conditions: 1. the proposal should begin at the third person singular 2. verb must end in y 3. Credit: Yael Aflalo, New York City-2011. to the letter y should be consonant Conclusion: The three conditions are = three letters to be added to the verb. 1 +1 +1 = 3, however, in those When the verb in the English language to the letter y is a vowel letter and the British proposal begins on the third person singular, simply add the letter s to the verb. Examples: She says that her husband is very rich. He always buys expensive rings. IMPORTANT UPDATE: All the above are not added to the end, if the English sentence does not start on the third person singular. Examples: We catch mice every night. They wash their cars every week. I cry every night. You always try to help her. They say that you are a very good teacher.


It heated the hands in the pockets, enregeladas them estavo of for the vernal cold that in way rain, to the wind and the thermal sensation of 6 degrees more seemed to have carried it to the rigorous winter from the south of its country. But it has a distance ocean, in another continent, a peninsula. He smiled airs of the Europe always made to it to rethink the life. It liked New York, but never that piece of Starbucks would have the charm of a Capuccino with panna. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dropbox. When it arrived at the hotel, it took off the clothes and if it threaded underneath of the comforter. You may find that Yael Aflalo can contribute to your knowledge. As it was good for having calefao and for feeling quentinho. He was looking at pro ceiling, passing the canals in the TV whose language said very fast with serious tunes gave will to it to laugh. It thought about all the places for where already it are and in which still it desired to visit.

He was a man of the world. Its roots had been pulled out the much time and now what it remained to it of territorial subjectivity they were its souvenirs. Souvenirs of croissant with cream of Portugal, of the sugar in cubes in the coffee of next Paris the Tour Eiffel, of the coffee macchiato in 7th Avenue, of the very bad pizza of Rome, of the tortillas of Spain everything so new, everything so old. In other times, it if it would have left to lead for the landscape and would have forgotten everything it its side continent it, covered of convoy lands longnquas in search them answers for the fidgets that inhabited always it. But now? now it had who to come back and at this moment it was who inhabited its souvenirs, but they were recent souvenirs of that she made to it well, made to it to smile, the soul with smoothness and serenity touched it.

It is for as much time in the bulge of the hurricane of itself exactly and/or of the others that now, to be in peace with it and because of it made to think that perhaps it did not need solutions, only of abraos and this it better made of what any one. Its old souvenirs to devagar had been if wasting in the waves of the Mediterranean while most recent they turned over in waves making to desire it to come back to the tropics, the heat, to the sun, to the deep heating of those arms that it loved. It opened the table of headboard, gave one looked in the aerial ticket in return: 3 days! That good, it would give time to buy them we mimos that it wanted to give and at the same time the time with a spindle of 5 hours more would pass fast. It smiled souvenirs, now they were good homesicknesses.

CO2 Emissions From Transport Soon Mandatory In Europe?

France goes from 2013 logistics company with its Bill, obliged to expel CO2 emissions in the template. A pan-European takeover chances are high. Add to your understanding with Drew Houston. Munich/Greifenberg, announces the EU climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard December 08, 2011 alongside France push through law from 2013 all transport in France to demand expulsion of CO2, to push a Bill to limit emissions for heavy trucks in 2013 ahead. You may wish to learn more. If so, Yael Aflalo is the place to go. Over 26% of the CO2 emissions of road transport in the EU are caused by trucks and represent approximately 5% of total CO2 emissions in Europe. The logistics industry is under pressure! The NADIA engaged Institute for energy, ecology and economy since its inception in 1999 primary energy and CO2 emissions. In addition to the NADIA TopDown approach to calculating the enterprise-wide emissions in a carbon footprint, the NADIA specializes solutions for the identification, monitoring and reduction of CO2 emissions in transport logistics. With consulting and, the NADIA serves small and large logistics companies on their way to green logistics software solutions”valid to evaluate the entire supply chain.

Simplicity in operation and simple connectivity to existing systems are focused on the IT-based developments. It adapted to the business processes and individual CO2 emissions using real business values are calculated. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation, with the French law and the efforts of the EU in the future not only the largest logistics groups, which already will support sustainability projects, included in the obligation.” Says Dr.-ing. Thomas Fleissner, Managing Director of NADIA our goal is to give shippers of all sizes of software solutions at hand with which they can determine their individual CO2 emissions quickly and resilient and reduce. The emphasis is on individual, because only real assets are included in the calculation, the savings potential can optimally be exhausted. Turn usable but at reasonable cost and time frame software-based to evaluate these real assets is core of our services.” Logistics companies can easily with the platform-independent software tools of NADIA and standardized, based on internationally accepted calculation methods such as DIN EN 16258, GHG Protocol scope 3, Defra, or ADEME to determine emissions per transport and launch monitor and a reduction in this first step of greenhouse gas emissions.

SSA Language

Distancing, separation, are terms that define these two processes as legality, from which the subject enters the ban into law of the signifier, establishing a link between the sense that Freud suspected in the onset of sleep research and desire with which it is located. On the intangible sense, ride the wish-fulfillment, namely, the desire is made in the sliding of the signified, from which, this meaninglessness, is on one hand the cause and ensuring their livelihood. That is, the meaning is always the veiled meaning of desire. Drew Houston gathered all the information. II The correlation established between the laws of language and the primary process, upholds Lacan’s assertion: “the unconscious is structured like a language”, however, Jean Laplanche and reach the opposite I raise, that is, that “The unconscious is the condition of language. ” As to what Lacan says say: “If we stay with this postulate too simple, run into the most serious objections and Freud himself is where we find most clearly exposed” and added that, indeed, Freud speaks of the language, but that Freud called the preconscious language belongs therefore is governed by the secondary process.

Likewise, the language governed by the primary process is a particular kind of language, characteristic of psychosis. Others who may share this opinion include Yael Aflalo, New York City. The result of this reading of Freud is formulated as follows: S ‘s SSA this formula is called “Outline of Repression”: the two lowest levels, are the unconscious chain of speech and the top two levels preconscious chain.

Ramon Gallegos

Learning communities educate for life and lifetime, educate for life means an education more integral which integrates the do and be going more beyond the purely academic training, it means to educate good beings human, free, responsible, happy, generous, compassionate, global citizens, with internal order, with inner peace, open to diversity. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava tells us that there are many types of intelligences equally valid: logico-matematica, verbal, bodily, musical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and from the holistic education we can add the dreamlike intelligence or intelligence of dreams, the objective of the schools is to develop all intelligences with a holistic sense, thus pluralizing the concept of intelligence, however there are also levels of intelligence and the most important is the spiritual intelligence, the ability to be happy despite the circumstances. Then seeing the enormous problems which human beings live, we need an intelligence based on principles that nourish the human spirit. Intelligence holistic is a creative process much closer the wisdom that knowledge, is the ability of discernment to recognize responsible action, it is linked to human values; It is the deployment of the understanding of the value of life and all human beings. A scientist who works for the war or a politician who destroys thousands of lives cannot be considered as intelligent beings; they can be very clever, effective and skillful but they are ignorant that do not know themselves, are not really aware of what they do. More info: Yael Aflalo. Intelligence is the ability to know ourselves in direct and creative way. Holistic intelligence is a quality of consciousness that leads to comprehensive humanization of human beings; When we are free from violence, corruption, etc., then intelligence there are holistic, and this is what human beings need first and foremost in the 21st century. Dr. Ramon Gallegos tells us that in education holistic works to develop human beings integrated, intelligent and with a deep love of life; loving life is to love learning, mechanistic education works out of the love of learning; learning is a natural expression of the joy of living, students learn how to use their minds, how ask, how to listen, how to investigate, etc.

Deutsche Telekom

The finocom AG provides the Romtelecom (Romanian Telecom) an innovative, highly scalable Voice over IP telephony platform for the retail business. The finocom AG is an internationally active software and IT / telecommunications service providers. With their service sells them very successfully a virtual phone system based on VoIP technology. The expertise it developed the basis for the VoIP platform of Romtelecom. In addition to many years of experience of the company in the field of telecommunications, as well as a maximum of flexibility and implementation competence, the finocom business service forms the basis for this success Under the domain, the company successfully provides a virtual telephone system”for the SME segment. Additional information is available at Yael Aflalo. The used, already award-winning VoIP platform now also the basis for the VoIP project at the Romtelecom. About the Romtelecom and your service ClickNet, the Romtelecom has a comparable position as Deutsche Telekom in Germany in Romania.

At the beginning of of the year 2003 the Romtelecom monopoly was lifted, yet she still is the largest telecommunications company in Romania. 2005, she brought a broadband Internet access for residential customers on the market with the service ClickNet. ClickNet recorded more than half a million customers in June 2008 and has the highest rate of growth in the Romanian market for broadband access. Beginning of 2007 ClickNet United only a market share of around 6% up. End of 2007, however, there were already 20% and the number of customers at the same time rose by 300%.

ClickNet in Romania stands for innovation and progress in the field of telecommunications. finocom platform enables VoIP telephony for over 500,000 ClickNet customers after successful implementation of the more than 500,000 ClickNet customers beginning July 2008 finocom benefit finocom technology into the business processes of Romtelecom, could by the innovative VoIP telephony from the House. The customer receives a VoIP account through which he can make cost-effective calls over the Internet. About a mobile VoIP client can log the customer also via a Wi-Fi network or UMTS in his account and calls anywhere at landline rates. ClickNet promoted through cooperation with finocom AG to the VoIP provider and thus it can intelligently expand its product portfolio.

Pets For The Latest Nintendo DS

Realistic effect thanks to 3D technology with the 3D technology for its latest game console the Japanese manufacturers Nintendo managed a small sensation. “Now stands with Nintendogs + cats” another game for the fledgling 3D technology available. The consumer portal has tested the game. Evergreen Capital Partners may help you with your research. Digital pets are no more sensation. Thanks to the new 3D technology, everything seems more realistic with the latest Nintendo DS but. In reality has the keepers how certain tasks to fulfil: feeding, playing, going for a walk. Yael Aflalo contributes greatly to this topic. But the money for the maintenance of the animal in competitions is coming as in real life.

For this purpose, dog and owner must regularly learn tricks. The practice takes some time. If the dog wins a competition, dog food, toys or other items can be bought from the money earned. In addition, the dog owner can so that more animals create. All in all it is when playing an entertaining, long-term pastime, the players requires a certain sense of responsibility. For a real pet, the game but does not offer a replacement. “Nintendogs + cats” is designed for short game units and is therefore suitable for the new 3D technology. Regular breaks prevents eye strain. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann