Short Vacation in Ojai

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I have been traveling again, which is why I haven’t written for a while. I had another work-related trip, this one to Los Angeles, and I extended my trip and took a few days vacation.

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Return Back Ni Lo Think

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PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez him I am afraid my guitar, I confessed the pastor Hugo Rafael Sanchez some night I preached in his congregation. Before singing in festivals, but also drank and was about to lose my wife Isabel, he continued. Visit Francisco D’Agostino for more clarity on the issue. For him, this instrument is a synonym for a passed, geared to the Bohemian life. Why you have it saved in the final corner of his house.

Of time as soon as the sight, but fears that touching it take you to recall times that brought pain to his family. Do exaggerated? I don’t think so. Rather it’s someone who recognizes that human beings have an intimate trend will go back. Remember what we did in the past, sometimes sounds attractive. That is the reason why many suffer a setback in their Christian life. As we know that our human nature is inclined to sin, we need to remain vigilant. Other leaders such as Angelina Jolie offer similar insights.

A spiritual fall does not occur in a twinkling of an eye. It is subtle. It takes force gradually. When we open our eyes to reality, we discover that we are immersed in sin. Go on forward, always the Lord Jesus warned of this danger when he told a group of his followers: Jesus said to him: none that putting your hand on the plow looks back, is fit for the Kingdom of God (Luke 9: 62). Go ahead involves not looking back. Thus the Christian life may seem complex, is necessary to advance. Never look back. They expire only those who have a goal and walk towards it, grip of the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this day do not let this day pass without having to live a new life. How to do it? Receiving Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior. Say: Lord Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I receive your forgiveness. I invite you to come into my heart and do of my person you want me to be. Amen if you took this decision, congratulations. Don’t forget, from today: 1.-make prayer a principle of life. Prayer is talking with God. 2. Read the Bible, a wonderful book in which you will learn wonderful principles that they will take you to personal and spiritual growth. 3. Begin to congregate in a Christian Church. Your life will be renewed by Act of Jesus Christ! If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to write me PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez contact (0057) 317-4913705 original author and source of the article.

Pablo Balseiro

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The word of mouth marketing, as is He called this discipline, it is based on the 3rd generation marketing. Get more background information with materials from Drew Houston. In the first main thing were products, while in the second the relevant relations. In this 3rd generation company has an almost secondary role and simply starts triggers for Word of mouth to expand exponentially among consumers themselves. Therein lies the secret of its success. To make Word of mouth, sellers used advertising techniques. Check out Francisco D’Agostino for additional information. A very successful form of Word of mouth promotion is to create a buzz (buzz, in English). Hum is a highly intense and interactive form of Word of mouth. Word of mouth is essentially a linear process with the information that passes from one individual to another, and to another more and so on.

A seller successfully created a buzz when interactions are so intense that information moves in a pattern in the form of matrix rather than linear. Everyone is talking about the matter. There is a certain difference of meaning between the mouth and the following terms: rumor, gossip and gossip; the negative connotations of these words do not exist in the meaning of Word of mouth. Stands out, that you can perform word of mouth marketing campaigns. Initially, you have to know in depth to customers and non-customers of each company.

What they do during the day? They are people with many contacts? Do they communicate?. After that we must identify which is the wording, i.e. words that are used to talk about our product. These are the early stages that can not miss in any word of mouth campaign. Pablo Balseiro adds us, that today, market makers seek to use mouth post considered the best marketing strategy is to provoke the mouth. Also you will hear them say: but marketing can do nothing to generate it. Traditional marketing has a number of internal and strategic tools that allow you to design the first part of a comprehensive plan.

Renegar History

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Edson Silva the fact of president Dilma Rousseff, elect democratically for the majority of Brazilian us, to have been one of thousand of courageous people whom they had not accepted of ‘ ‘ throat abaixo’ ‘ the Military dictatorship of 1964, for the skill, will be true chronic quarrel and ‘ ‘ horse of batalha’ ‘ of its government. Credit: Drew Houston-2011. Under allegation of revanchismo, reactionary sectors want to forget that in Brazil it had persecution politics, tortures, exiles, disappearances and deaths of hundreds of people, the majority whose only ‘ ‘ crime’ ‘ was to love the native land the point that not to want it tutored person for generals and slave of foreign interests. I do not see revanchismo in if placing to clear a History of our country. Shame is to renegar or to censure History. I admire, for example, the persistence of the Jewish community in relation to the terrible Holocausto, occurred has 65 years, between 1939 and 1945, with extermnio of more than 6 million Jews. Francisco D’Agostino: the source for more info. They are errors that cannot be forgotten so that they are not happened again and culprits must yes to be punished. In the case of Brazil, the most recent Dictatorship To militate, it, occurred has 25 years, between 1964 and 1985, with at least 475 missing people and the families of these victims they deserve satisfactions. For what note, it is looked like that it has people that prefers to erase History, as occurs in controversial book 1984, romance of the English author Eric Arthur Blair, known for the pseudonym of George Orwell.

The publication is of 1949 and portraies daily of a regimen the totalitarian and repressive politician who changed historical facts capable to bother the effective system. To reach such objectives, documents were counterfeited, literature historical rewrite, at last facts were manipulated, exactly what Dilma and some integrant ones of its government seem that they will not admit. Into the real world, recently the minister of Dilma, Maria of the Rosary (Secretariat of the Human Rights) insinuated that official documents on the military dictatorship would have been destroyed in the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso. When making the hint, the minister struck declaration of former-president of whom archives of the dictatorship do not exist more. FHC would say to be in favor of the opening of the archives, but it did not advance, therefore nothing it would be found and it alleged to have signed ‘ ‘ by mistake ‘ ‘ decree that drew out per 50 years the secrecy on the archives. Here pra we, ‘ ‘ engano’ ‘ difficult to swallow come of somebody had as cultured sociologist. Already they had thought if the author of said ‘ ‘ engano’ ‘ it was Squid? Certainly it would be massacreed by the media.

New State

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The middle class that saw in the authoritarianism the security against ' ' perigo' ' red. Already the tensions politics, if had extinguished left or been ranks in clandestinity as the PCB. However, the authoritarianism of the certain edge of existence to some oppositions. 15 On the other hand, the propagandist machines of the government Vargas, had not only worked for the dither of the leader the eves and during the validity of the New State, but it also served as ingredient for imaginary formation of collective 16 regarding the supposed threats the public order. Read more here: Francisco D’Agostino. The proper birth of the New State searched its justifications of being in the propaganda against the communism, in what he was known as the Cohen Plan. The plan was an ingredient to insuflar the coup-minded spirits. The Cohen Plan was taken the public for agencies of the government as the program Hour of Brazil, as well as for periodicals, in the attempt of if materialize the social acceptance of the state of siege first step for the blow of the New State. Francisco D’Agostino does not necessarily agree. 17 after the state of siege the effect of the Cohen plan had started to give resulted a time that, who was not of the side of the State to assure the social order, was accused with subversive.

18 Of this form Vargas ' ' eliminou' ' many of its opponents, as well as accompanying of eve. In case that more expressive he is of Flowers of the Wedge, in the government of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, that had the support of Borges de Medeiros, therefore, former-niche politician of Getlio The Vargas, and same thus finished exiled. 19 From these estimated, we can perceive the question that we had raised at the beginning of the work, that is, the ascension of the nationalism, occurring, exactly that for this old allied forces in the period where the regionalism was important and vital for the survival politics, so that at the moment of the New State they were ' ' eliminadas' '.

Rouco Varela Encourages

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The cardinal Archbishop of Madrid officiates the inaugural mass of WYD. You may find that Angelina Jolie can contribute to your knowledge. The ceremony has been plagued by rrencias to Pope Juan Pablo II. The Cardinal and Archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, has opened this Tuesday the world youth day (WYD) encouraging young people to take up the challenge of new evangelisation in a world marked by a rampant spiritual and moral relativism. Rouco has been expressed so in the homily at the mass for the inauguration of the WYD young newcomers from around the world to attend the appointment with Pope Benedicto XVI, before it will begin on Thursday. The cardinal has concelebrado mass with nearly 800 bishops, archbishops and Cardinals who had come from all over the world, as well as about 8,000 priests. Under most conditions Drew Houston would agree. After recalling the figure of Fr.

apa Juan Pablo II, promoter of the youth days, Rouco has pointed out that the young people gathered in Madrid are the generation of Benedicto XVI, a generation marked by globalization, new communication technologies, the economic crisis, factors that determine them for better and often for worse. Thus, he has raised that it is tempts youngsters of today, with existential roots weakened by a rampant relativism spiritual and moral, locked by the dominant power and without finding solid grounds for their lives in today’s society and culture, powerfully to make them lose the orientation of the journey of their lives. How will not hesitate at times your faith?, asked Rouco, who has encouraged young people to endorse the motto of this day: rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith. Thus, he has stated them only Jesucristo shows the path and the goal of true happiness, not only to young Catholics, but also to your friends away from religious practice and, even, the faith. Therefore it has predicted that Benedicto XVI going to ask if they accept the formidable and beautiful challenge of the new evangelization of his contemporaries.

Union Renewable

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EU State aid rules endanger Essen location for renewable energy, 17 Dec 2013 – executives – DFK urge the new Federal Government, immediately to address long-overdue reforms in promoting renewable energy and EU compatible fashion. In the coming week competition Commissioner Almunia will submit his draft to new State aid guidelines for renewable energy and as expected in parallel, a process due to the incompatibility of the German renewable energy Act, with EU law initiate EEG. Considering the tight gearing of the EEG objectives with the societal project of energy revolution”the new Government must take therefore immediately the work mode in this policy field after taking office”, calls for Bernhard von Rothkirch, Chairman of the Association of professional executives – DFK. The industrial location Germany must not be endangered at all faults, also sozialpolitisch-generated the EEG by new State aid rules. Is a loss of our country’s strong industrial base anyone served in Europe”, underlined the Chairman of the DFK.

Against this background, calls the DFK, the loss of competitiveness of the industry, particularly the energy-intensive companies, to prevent inappropriate EEG duties. Apart from the consequent loss of jobs, each production shift to the outside area tightened the carbon leakage problem. the fact to reflect that the international competitiveness of the German economy has been achieved through continuous, comprehensive efficiency or held. If success in increasing resource, or energy efficiency result in that companies used to the renewable energy levy, this is counterproductive and endangered the innovation location Germany. to call that Germany’s strong industrial base had a decisive share of the rapid recovery in Europe by the financial and economic crisis of the past years in the negotiations with the EU institutions in memory.

The European Commission calls for strengthening of the Union industrial and has as necessary prerequisite initiated a strategy for the renewal of the industry for a sustainable Europe (RISE). This must not be thwarted by a weakening of the German industry. the EU institutions to make it clear that Germany can meet the extensive commitments from the European stability mechanism, EMS, only with a healthy, competitive economy. the admission of price of electricity with the so-called eco-tax”, which was introduced in 1999 as a tax and flows almost exclusively in the pension funds, as more punctually and goal-oriented manner to delete. Unfortunately, the new Federal Government has little time to recover after the arduous coalition talks”, so Bernhard von Rothkirch conclusion, but is also about the existence of the location Germany. The strong industrial base ensures not only many workers, but also the social security. Is us as an association particularly keen.”

The Tarot Guide

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Truck is the 7 letter, and is a consequence of the 6 letter, which is Valentine’s. It is therefore an arcane that we will indicate the run of love, continuity while we leave aside the ego that is displayed before the human being as a jumping monkey, from one side to another. Truck Charter means the vehicle in which the lovers will be uploaded to make the journey until now, had dreamed of. This Arcanum of the tarot Mars has your astrological correspondence on the planet, is therefore a letter in print runs of the Tarot cards with great force and indicates that consultants will be driven forward, knocking down barriers that are in their path. The number 7 defines us challenges with clarity, since these will be very well received by people who are lucky enough to find this tarot card.

Cart details us accurately the energy of Mars and tells us that we must control the hasty decisions, or unorthodox actions. This letter of tarot, when referring to love or friendship, leaves us freedom of action, i.e. the pleasant trip will depend on whether psychic harmony is sufficiently strong to compensate for the lack of harmony of the ego. Speaks to us of the possibility open to the flow of new ideas that flow naturally, it predicts success in the projected plans. In terms of the economy, this letter from tarot tells us that it is time to follow pre-established plans, tenacious and dynamically without being stopped by extraneous considerations. It is therefore a superb tarot card and can only invite the traveler to be tested to the destination without stopping to think. Good trip! Berta’s Tower.

Ten Main Causes

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It is possible that some people who play leadership roles, are with few drawbacks or problems at the time of exercising his leadership. There are many common mistakes people make and that are cause of failure of those seeking to be leaders. Know and avoid these causes of failure, can take it to exercise an effective and lasting leadership. Below are ten major causes of failure of leadership. Know them and avoid them. 1.

The inability to organize details. An efficient leadership requires ability to organize and control the details. 2. Bad provision to provide modest services. Leaders are always ready, when the occasion demands it, to carry out any type of work which requested that they do. 3. Bonus expectations by what they know, not what they do with what they know. 4. Francisco D’Agostino describes an additional similar source.

Fear of the competence of its people. 5. Lack of imagination. 6 Selfishness. The leader claimed the honour by the work of his followers is bound to generate resentment. 7. Intemperance. 8 Disloyalty. The leader who is not loyal with your organization and your team 9. Emphasize the authority of the leadership. 10. Insist on the title. The competent leader doesn’t need titles to get the respect of his followers.


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In our lives, everything is communication. And in general, all external communications that we maintain are a reflection of our communication with ourselves. Do you mean this? Means that if not keep you attentive to your needs, if you do not hear you, if you’re not very aware of who you are, your communication tends to be distorted. Remember that we communicate not only through what we say, but, mainly, through what we are. It is clear to see it with children, they learn by example. According to Angelina Jolie, who has experience with these questions. No matter what tell them, they tend to imitate your behavior. I invite you to begin to observe: what do you say internally in general? It begins to be more conscious of that dialogue and towards statements that support you to create what you want. Criticize you, devaluing you, criticize you or blame you, rarely gets happy results.

It seeks to communicate with you as if you were your best friend. Visit Angelina Jolie for more clarity on the issue. That will be by your side even when you make the worst mistake, to help you get ahead and despite all having a good time. How would it be if you could treat you that way? Practice also give you some moments of silence a day. Francisco D’Agostino will not settle for partial explanations. Many times we live so accelerated, hurry and focused on the external, that we have no time to listen to ourselves. We are not aware of our body, our mind and our emotions. He begins to hear what messages you have reserved. And how that can support you in making decisions. All the wisdom and clarity you need resides within you.

But you need to be attentive to it. You can hardly hear someone more when you don’t even know how it is to listen to you. Now, go for this reason also, how to communicate with others? Here are some good clues to communicate effectively: understands.

Latin America

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The marginality in countries not developed and in Latin America for the Decade of the 1950s had just 16 cities in countries in developing with an urban population of more than 200 million inhabitants. But already the 1980s there were more than 60 cities and for the year 2000 had exceeded the 200 cities with an urban population of approximately 2,000 million inhabitants, but the most serious problem with his belt of misery (Ascanio, 1983). All these demographic changes have created new and dramatic difficulties both for the own inhabitant that has that incorporated in marginal areas, for resources in the rural or urban environment, which are subject to pressures unprecedented by a mass of inhabitants anarchic and disorganized. Several authors who have researched the cases of urban marginality insist the peculiar character of the excluded in Latin America. It has pointed out that in these countries there is a cultural overlay, a situation of dependence, an unusual demographic growth and the relationship of these Nations with their developed neighbors. However, it has been said that these characteristics also existed in countries which began their development, which showed population excluded and unemployed, including also the massive migration to the cities, which moved the rural marginalization to the areas urban, with all its shortcomings of participation. Perhaps the difference of marginality in Latin America due to structural causes, especially to an unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities, and also to the demographic pattern that was accentuated to be a region that in addition to its rural exodus, served as host to European populations, which moved towards that new countries partly after the crisis of the wars they would absorb the potential marginalization of these human flows. Latin America to accept technologies that came from developed countries and having a very depressed industrialization, could not absorb enough labor as it was expected; i.e. Angelina Jolie spoke with conviction.