Supreme Being

As Adam: 1) stranger its position in the universe and questions its existence. 2) that end takes the messagem contained in the substance? That it means the challenge to go beyond the borders of the universe or in the deepening of my tormented soul. As Adam does not create, as the first one, its proper world. But he desires to understand the alive world, data, in which it was projected. It finds the universe with all its diversity its esplendor and its largeness, he studies but it with the innocent and feared admiration of a child, who looks wonderful in each object or usual event. He desires the answers for ' ' because? ' ' ' ' what? ' ' , and ' ' who? ' '. In short as Adam does not explore the universe scientifically abstract, but a qualitative and iresistivelmente tempting world in which it establishes a relation summons with its creator. As Adam lives a narrow union with Dus.

The existncial experience of its ' ' eu' ' it is constructed with the same conscience of its communication with the Supreme Being, in which it discovers the traces in the most varied ways of the creation. As Adam never forgets that he came of the dust. The existencial unreliability of it comes from a great part, of its tragic destination of being a secular being. It is incapable to fix its place in the tumultuated chain of the time. It is conscientious of an infinite future that continues to flow well beyond its inexistence.

As Adam tries ephemeral and the instability of an existence ' ' presente' ' not anchored nor ' ' antes' ' nor ' ' depois' '. The man majestuso does not confrot itself with the problem of the time. The time in which it workmanship and that it knows if defines for the amount, and is spaced and measured, if it integrates in the coordinate of a cosmic system. ' ' antes' ' ' ' depois' ' they are only understandable in a picture of an accidental sequence of events. The majestuoso man lives in micron-units of time, and if he moves folgadamente of ' ' agora' ' for one another one ' ' agora' ' , ignoring absolutely ' ' antes' ' ' ' depois' '. As Adam, for which the time is a personal experience involving all the being, only must mensurar itself to the tragic and paradoxical state that it is inherent. The identity of first Adam happens of its knowledge of the truth, whereas the Adam as identity happen of the way where it lives.

E-Mail Companion

Hello fellow Internet user. Additional information is available at Crawford Lake Capital Management. I say partner because we are in the same, even more, did you know that in many things, we are alike? … In which we are alike? In the two chose the Internet may be our way of life, that we have a strong desire that our lives of comfort and peace, that the two will put all our strength and determination to carry it out and everything we do our loved ones. The happiest moments my heart knows are those in which she pours her affection on a few people we love. T. Jefferson Yes, indeed in all times of the day we remember one of our loved ones.

They have been, and will be the engine that moves us, drives us to face daily obstacles and difficulties and move forward and will remain so. Thinking about them is that we continue to try to make our projects. You never really know if we make the effort really worthwhile or if it will work, but the result as we know, is what will happen IF NOT make the effort, if not try. Every day thousands of people dream of economic independence, to become rich, to achieve a fundamental change in their lives. Many not only try, but also their willingness to put all their effort and persistence on the task and finally succeed. Also many more try, but do not put the same enthusiasm, passion and leave halfway or maybe early to see their dreams fade until they disappear.


Now more and more are beginning to realize that blogs are an effective tool for promotion. And the use of this tool in the promotion begins to gain momentum. Why blog? To begin with recall that is large role in ranking your site search engine: 1. Crawford Lake Capital gathered all the information. tic – a citation index. That is, the more resources are referenced in your life, the citation index higher.

2. Content of the resource. As I wrote in a previous post, Search engines love content that is constantly being added and updated. If an item – to find solutions quite easily and with attachments without them. Then the second paragraph of difficulties.

In the bulk of partner sites Intway is a presentation website (the site with the mailing list), which is not prodpolagaet constant updating and adding content. How, then, be? The role of blogs in the promotion of your business. To help us and coming blog. In it, we can easily add new content at least every day you are not on time. Another great advantage of the blog – is to increase the positive impact of your business (selling online, building structure, etc.). It does this by psychological approach you and your visitors, due to more intimate acquaintance with you through your posts. Your visitor learns more about you and decide whether you trust, whether doing business with you, who you do this, than you he (the visitor) would be useful. An important point in making your most powerful marketing tool – the blog. But there is a very important point – this is the content of the blog. Will it be enough for the Interest of your visitors? So as if you will write a blog about how, for example, how much you wake up, what they ate for breakfast, what clothes you spent the day today and the rest of such nonsense, you are not interested in his visitor, and he closes his blog is not even inquiring your projects.

Marital Happiness

Personal space for each partner – the pledge of happy family life! While I met with her beloved, I dreamed again: how to spend more time together, then – to live together, to almost not to be separated to make it lots and lots of opportunities for communication, but! We began to live together and what? I began to feel increasingly that I then have to retire and do some reading, then there is a need to communicate on the Internet with a friend who lives in another city, I need to work on what is my project I realized that I'm looking for Personal space in our shared apartment, in his own family! At first I was scared – Ouch! And is this normal? Love the man, but look for free time to be alone But fortunately, I pretty soon realized that the desire for time for yourself and personal space – this is normal and even necessary in life together! Each of the two people in a pair had their own lives before they moved in together! Of course, the couple, the family – this is not a man! So when two of our lives almost merge into one, our way of life varies greatly. And we choose it ourselves, because believe that together we are better than on – one! And so Still, it is important to always remember that we do not get one person to the end:) And even in a joint family life, must remain high proportion of ourselves, our former lives, our personal space and time! Physical space! When two people live together – it is their common home, the total space – like everything now a general! Here – I'm on a personal example, make sure that the person will literally be personal space! Not only in emotional sense, but specifically in the material! Their shelves, where lie only his (her) stuff, where are her creams, his razor Regiment to which he could always throw their cigarette lighters, keys, notebooks, pens, CDs, and know that they had not touch and he will take his things where necessary! Shelf, where only her laptop with the records, clippings from magazines, books and where she knows everything His folder in your computer where it does not climb and do not erase! Its very important photographs of nature computer, which can not be touched, to drag it to another folder – otherwise it will not find them During our life together we have decided on the shelves, cabinets and the space that only it, or just mine (although there are common). I I try not to throw his things in his regiment, but finding it put all things back to where it is always easy to find them! I try to actively and globally do not move, do not rearrange his things. .

Great Economic Forum

Written by hand site, it was difficult to fill, it was necessary to prescribe each link individually to create pages, and introduce them to the site. A month later, I dropped everything. It was not bearable. started to live their lives. Two weeks later, I came up with a new idea, namely Great Economic Forum.

It was super. Forum allowed me to expand my opportunities. I'm totally immersed in it. Was taken home page, added the article, counters. The problem of attendance, I was trying to solve through partnership, namely: the searched interesting but obscure resources.

I suggested they place a link in the menu on my forum, and he created the forum section devoted their resources with links to their websites. Also placed a banner on their resources, and allow your administrative section of the forum. This has helped not only to raise attendance, but also join projects to share information and visitors. Why create a separate resource for each of a narrow forum, where you can combine the efforts of several resources. The idea of combining my captured. If there is a forum, so we need one more resources, more powerful and attractive. Unfortunately the selected domain, was not as successful as I expected. It is associated with poor catchy name and the presence of another competing site, had to find another name. here that was invented in return. Transfer was carried out on site, although it has not brought the popularity of the project. In the next half year project logo was designed and commissioned the design in the company. To implement my dream, it took a run on the banks of St. Petersburg and take the credit, but I did it under very favorable% and on favorable terms. Today is the third day after the launch, after all the trouble, turmoil, I got his way, I've created indeed one of the major projects on the Internet. Yes, he had no attendance, but that's another story, the main thing that I've created something that can help others to make the world better. Now I understand what it means doing things you love. Passed more than a year, but I'm still full of enthusiasm and energy, and 100% sure that after 6-8 months of attendance of my projects will be such that I can put a statement on the table the company's management, which is currently working on. This will be another victory. I hope that my efforts will help someone do something better. I do not know that, but I hope.

Ice Machinery Manufacturer

Unable to come and "buy ice rink," as building materials. Making boards rink, it may take 1-2 months, the same time it is necessary to make the field itself rink – "ice-mat" (the tubes that provide a field of frozen water on the rink). When ordering in Canada or the U.S., a new ice machinery manufacturing Olympia or a world leader as a Zamboni , will have to wait 4-6 months. This is due to the fact that such machines mark Zamboni will only be collected under the order, issued in the year just a few hundred machines and assembly occurs manually. The cost of a new ice machine in Europe ranges from $ 100,000-200,000, and more.

A good alternative is to purchase a used car and held a pre-training. This ice machine cost $ 30-50 thousand, and even if the car 15-20 years, it easily lasts the same amount, providing high-quality ice in your ice rink. Be sure to ask your supplier about the warranty and after sales service that especially important for Salvage equipment. In Canada and the United States there are about 3000-5000 rinks and arenas. About 70% of ice machines in the world – this car brand Zamboni.

Zamboni ice machines were the first and remains one of the best. In the off-season, you can pick up appropriate version of the ice machine, brand Olympia or Zamboni. Also in the off-season (May-September), can be beneficial to buy the whole set of used equipment, but a request to arrange for at least 3-5 months before project, ie in late spring, early summer. When choosing a provider, of course, need to take account of the experience, but not only. Very often, large companies-suppliers of equipment for rinks, forced to hold large staff of technicians and staff, which is automatically reflected in the cost of equipment. As a rule, the same equipment in the smaller, but does not mean that less experienced providers would cost 1.5-2 times cheaper.

Vienna Castle Road

Relocation of the proinnovera GmbH in the Vienna Castle Road in Munster 1996 was Dr. Breuer of one of the first that involved the complex of buildings at the Vienna Castle Road in Munster. Still employees of well-known pharmaceutical group Wyeth Pharma AG (now Pfizer Inc.), returns today as a successful owner of the own company. In baggage about 90 employees and orders of 6 of the largest 10 pharmaceutical companies of the international pharmaceutical industry. “Contractors on clinical research and development since 1997 takes over the clinical research organization” proinnovera the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical trials for their clients. These are tests that are conducted on healthy volunteers or patients and to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medicines in practice.

The comprehensive clinical examination of a newly developed drug is the precondition that a preparation on the market can be admitted. Earlier, manufacturers have conducted these studies themselves. But in the meantime are the conditions become more complex and time consuming. So the biggest part in CROs (contractors) is outsourced.”explains Dr. Breuer himself the role his company within the clinical research.

proinnovera focuses on studies of the medical fields of Dermatology, Oncology, rheumatology, central nervous system and infectious diseases / vaccines looked after. Expansion due to the good economic situation our type of service is definitely a growth market. Therefore we want to expand!”according to Dr. Breuer next. The previous site had become too tight for it. Also lacked suitable premises for archiving in the larger style. In the new building, which already has established itself in the past as a Pharma site, an ideal infrastructure for clients, staff and participants is against it. Link between theory and practice the aim of spatial reorientation is according to Dr. Breuer also a closer networking of medical research and practical application in the pharmaceutical, Area to support. So the 53-year-old plans to use the new headquarters to bring scientists, doctors and manufacturers at a table for symposia. Munster offers a particularly attractive location for such a project. “This is due to a great proximity to the facilities of the University on the other hand there are a number of young innovative companies.” Thus, the choice Munster deliberately committed to his hometown. Munster is the city in which I live and who I like!” That is motivation enough for Dr. Breuer, to search for his partner on the spot and with them together to create an even more attractive business environment. The move into the new building will take place in April 2012. Most of which 5000 square meters is proinnovera even land use. Only 1000 square meter stand still for more tenants to available. CRO contact data: proinnovera GmbH contractors for clinical research and development Schmittingheide 20 32 48155 Munster, Germany Contact person: Bernd Brormann, Director of clinical operations Tel. 0251/270 778-0 fax 0251 / 270-778-25 new address from 01.04.2012: monkeys Castle str. 207 48159 Munster, Germany – About ECM And DMS

New information service of the VOI started Bonn, may 10, 2012. Www.ecmtoday.debietet of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. free one new information service. The Portal publishes success stories and expert contributions around the use of enterprise content management (ECM) and because adjacent technologies. The contents are structured conveniently searchable by topics and industries. Upgraded the range of information is further news from the industry as well as tips and recommendations for further publications.

It is rounded off through more content of media partners, as well as by a provider marketplace. More and more companies and public institutions put on enterprise content management systems to improve their business and information processes. ECM products are the key to more efficiency in the processing of document-related business processes. Their applications are varied and the range of solutions is correspondingly large. To be sector-specific Requirements, such as, for example, possibilities for exchanging data with applications. With the range of information offers interested parties the VOI a comfortable access to the topic of enterprise content management.

Numerous success stories and expert contributions are published on the topics of archiving and storage, cloud computing, collaboration, document management, email management, business processes and integrated DMS in professional applications. Industry-specific practical examples from the areas of banks and insurance companies, health care, trade, industry, logistics, public administration and utilities complete the offer. ECM vendors and service providers who are interested in publishing a user report or technical contribution on, can request under of appropriate Autorenleitfaden. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers, and manufacturers of document-based solutions the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in services, trade and industry, as well as public institutions. Editorial Contacts: VOI Association for organization and information systems Henner von the Banck healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str.

Bob Marley

Who does not know Bob Marley? The jamaicano is considered a God for all those that like reggae, since it was who took off the rhythm of Jamaica and led for the world. Son of a young jamaicana with an English of half age, Bob if interested for music when in 1950, he was to live in a slum quarter of Kingston, capital of Jamaica. Its main influences in the start of the career had been Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield, whom its Bunny friend knew together with. With aid of a called singer Joe Higgs, the two had finished knowing Peter McIntosh. Little time later, the three had come to form the group ' ' Wailling Wailers' '. In 1962, the entrepreneur Leslie Kong knew Marley and recorded some musics with it. The same the step that ' ' Wailing Wailers' ' it called the attention rastafri Alvin Patterson that had presented, them for the producer Clement Dodd. In the following year single of the group was launched first.

Bob if married and travelled for the United States, where its mother started to live. In the return, the band moved of name, passing if to call only ' ' The Wailers' '. With aid of the American singer Johnny Nash, the group recorded in 1971 the first album that took the name of ' ' Catch the Fire' '. In 1972 the group carried through one turn in England and the United States. In the same year &#039 was launched the album; ' Burnin' ' , that they contained successes as ' ' I Shot The Sheriff' '. Next the two records had received the name from ' ' Rasta Revolution' ' ' ' Natty Dread' ' both of 1974. This last one contained ' ' In the Woman, the Cry' ' , the song that projected the musician rastafri to the cantos quatros of the world.

In 1975, the album ' ' Rastaman Vibrations' ' it reached top of the stops in the United States. The success started to bother and it suffered an attempt from murder in the following year. The scare served so that it crossed the ocean to go to live in London, where would come to record incredible ' ' Exodus' '. Bob Marley still arrived to visit Africa and launched more three albums: ' ' Kaya' ' , ' ' Survival' ' ' ' Uprising' ' , before its precocious death in 1981, with 36 years. With music and a peace speech, Bob enchanted and enchants people in world all. Who likes its musics, can use to advantage to confer the letters of music of the Bob Marley in the repletos sites of letters of musics as ' ' Which is the Letter of the Msica' ' to leave singing the successes the jamaicano most famous of all the times.


In the total, how many cups of refrigeranteeles had taken? When this problem in classrooms of 5 is considered series, hcrianas that 17 effect 7 + and give reply 24. Ahead of situations of this type, we,> professors deMatemtica, we finish making celebrates it question: ‘ ‘ Why they parampara not to think? ‘ ‘ It has many reasons for these answers at random, without reflection, that the pupils produce to the times. One of them are that nor always the pupil is atentoe interested and this can occur with any one of us. However, the motivomais important are in the fact of that, frequently, we do not stimulate our alunosa to think.

For Pear tree (1995), our form to work can nocontribuir for this. This fact if must, possibly, the diverse reasons, amongst which if they detach: to use good part of the time of the lesson of Matemticaensinando calculations, techniques to effect operations; Almost always to explain the skill to effect the calculation to eesperarmos that the pupil reproduces igualzinho; In this process, educating does not have chance to parapensar by itself and to understand what it learns. It reproduces what we order, and does not only think. In summary, the pupil is trained to find answers certain, exactly without knowing what he is making. We can solve this type of difficulty with one boaforma of dramatizar the problem, that is, together with the pupils to make one espciede theater, representing what it happens in the problem. Another one contribuio resolution of problems is to eliminate the artificial problems, badly facts, quetratam very of situations is of the reality, as for example: In the lunch, Mariacomeu 0,225 of the papaya. How much sobrou it supper? Nobody separates omamo in thousandth eating 225 thousandth.