Short Vacation in Ojai

I have been traveling again, which is why I haven’t written for a while. I had another work-related trip, this one to Los Angeles, and I extended my trip and took a few days vacation.

I drove north from Los Angeles and headed into the hills, aiming for a small town called Ojai. It’s the second time I’ve been to Ojai. I spent a week there several years ago, which was one of the formative experiences of my career. I spent a week studying web design at a training facility called, pretty much the gold standard for Web training in the world. Founded by Lynda Weinman, is now primarily a online training resource for Web designers and other people who need to use computers at a very high level. But when she first began the school in Ojai it was a classroom training environment where people would go and study for a week. I had a wonderful time there and learned a lot. I was very sorry when she closed the hands-on training in Ojai, primarily as a result of the sharp decline in travel after 911.

Anyway back to today. This trip to Ojai was purely for rest and relaxation; I stayed at a place called the Lavender Inn, which was previously The Moon’s Nest Inn. It’s changed a little since I was there and is now under new management, but it still is a wonderful place to stay. Two or three of my favorite haunts are still open in Ojai, including a very friendly little British teashop where I was able to indulge my taste for sausage rolls.

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