Architecture And Construction

The architecture has been defined as the art to project and to construct buildings. This one is a profession in movement, since it has been evolving with running of the time due to the diversification in the styles of construction and to the local customs that influence in the design, the planes and the materials used in the construction of as much particular houses as prevailed. The roll that the architectonic planning has fulfilled in the field of the construction throughout history is extremely important. Frequently MSCO has said that publicly. Although, some buildings have been risen of an unexpected way and without an established order, it is possible to be said that many other constructions have followed you rule edilicias specific derived from the architectonic study and a previous design. The similar use of architectonic planes and other edificativos schemes data of remote times. e. The defined ideas that the architects had on the dimensions and distribution of each one of the rooms and dependencies of the work that would face used to delineate in writing in the planes of the same, often taking care of until the minimum detail. The archaeological findings reveal interesting details to us about the constructive practices of the antiquity. Many of the houses were of a very modest construction, and even coarse.

Nevertheless, it was not rare to be with luxurious and complex constructions, generally the particular houses of the people of high class, the governmental palaces and other buildings. Many of these until counted on services of pipes for hot water, exhaust fans and other benefits of outpost that contributed to one more a more comfortable life. The distribution of these services already was detailed in planes of the time. In the planning of these works of architecture the high knowledge of mathematics and physics could be appreciated, among others sciences, of several of the old cultures.