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They are not interested in theory, history of language, or foreign languages. they primarily English, they need only functional for use in different spheres of society as a means of real communication with people from other countries. ” With training situation is also significantly simplified: departure in office, one on one lessons with a teacher, leaving the house to the student groups ‘day off’ for the employed and not, for ‘pioneers’ and retirees It remains to solve the main question: what is the course content, its structure and methods learning? Who is the author of the material, where this material was developed and tested by whom? Teaching has become an applied nature, whereas before it was a relatively abstract and theorize. More Aristotle brought the famous triad of teaching ethics, which could not be better correlated with the current requirements: logo – the quality of presentation, pathos – contact with the audience, ethos – the attitude toward others. This rule true for the speaker, and actor, and for foreign language teachers, whose role involves and the two first incarnation. Function of the teacher in the educational process has changed significantly. Teacher-mentor, teacher-dictator is unable to give students freedom of choice and provide the necessary in comprehending such a subtle matter, the language of ‘academic freedom’. Therefore, such a negative image of teaching is becoming consigned to history. Was replaced by a teacher-observer, the teacher-facilitator, teacher-‘umirotvoritel ‘and head’ Although the identity of the teacher in this case pales into insignificance, its influence on the audience, which in turn turn, becomes more intimate, not decreasing, but on the contrary, increases.


In 322 B.C. dies in this same island to the 62 years. 2. Workmanship: ' ' The ignorant affirms, the scholar doubts, sensible reflete.' ' Aristotle all Had been lost the workmanships published for Aristotle, with exception of the Constitution of Atenas, discovery in 1890. The workmanships known courses and conferences of the philosopher had resulted of notes for, commanded of beginning for some disciples and later, of more systematic form, for Adronico de Rodes (c. tter in his writings.

60 B.C.). The main workmanships of Aristotle, grouped for substances, are: (1) Logic: Categories, Of the interpretation, First and second analytical, Topical, Refutations of the sofistas; (2) Philosophy of the nature: Physics; (3) Psychology and anthropology: On the soul, beyond a set of small treated physicists; (4) Zoology: On the history of the animals; (5) Metaphysics: Metaphysics; (6) Ethics: Ethics the Nicmaco, Great ethics, Ethics the Eudemo; (7) Politics: Politics, Economic; (8) Rhetoric 3. The Disruption with Plato: ' ' It swims has in the mind that already has not passed for sentidos' ' Aristotle the biggest interest of Aristotle was in the alive nature. It was not only the last great Greek philosopher; he was also first great biologist of the Europe. As presented for the previous group, we can say that Plato so was dived in the perpetual forms, in the world of ' ' ideias' ' , that it almost did not register the changes of the nature. Aristotle in contrast, was interested itself exactly for these changes, for what today we call natural processes. Going a little more beyond, also we can say that Plato if moved away from the world of the directions and that it only perceived very superficially everything what we see to our redor. It is that it wanted to escape of the cave to see the perpetual world of the ideas! Aristotle made the opposite accurately: it left to the meeting of the nature and studied birds, lizards, sunflowers and mammals.

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San Andres

The determination was carried out directly with the help of literature specialized, as well as in the Herbaria and the participation of specialized personnel in different groups. II. 3 environmental education. As part of the environmental strategy of the Faculty of Montana, was created a student scientific group, which deals with the study of the vegetation of mogote, where according to the floristic area and its endemic potentialities make a work extension worker from exhibitions of his work in the community. A strategy of environmental education consisting of the linkage of a group selected by students to research in the field of flora and vegetation of el mogote Los Cruces, prominent area from the point of view of its natural conditions and selected as the scene of activities was developed.

The students discussed different investigative tasks, aimed at strengthening the theoretical knowledge received in classes, as well as in the field of environmental education, in this case study the autecology and the distribution, abundance and conservation status of the flora. Subsequently, results obtained, through a work of liaison activities directed by the participating students themselves, took the rest of the faculty, as well as at a broader level through the presentation of papers at events in the national and provincial levels. Another line of environmental education was the lifting of the medicinal flora of the Popular Council of San Andres, this uprising was carried out through visits to the homes of the peasants. II.4 potentialities of the martiana teaching flora: for the better understanding of the work of the master, carried out a study detailed in the complete works of our national hero, as well as also his campaign diary, to be able to demonstrate the natural potential that has the environment of mountainous faculty regarding described by Marti in his works. Is intended that students should be identified with the work of our Apostle and to understand and at the same time know the values showing in his work.

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To date they have not experienced cases of gastric perforation and death with this method. The biggest difference between the gastric band is the plication gastric is the mechanism of action; While the band reduces the size of the access road to the stomach thereby reducing the speed with which the food comes to the stomach, the gastric plication reduces the size of the stomach which limits the amount of food that can be consumed before you feel satiety. This mechanism of action of plication eliminates the biggest drawback of the gastric band that is their inability to stop liquids, i.e., those patients who has placed a gastric band could continue to consume large amounts of calories if they occur in liquid form that the band will not stop the passage of liquids. Both are outpatient techniques, in which the patient must not stay in the hospital longer than 24 hours and has a fast recovery. In the days after the operation, patients come to feel small discomfort, pain and a bit of vomit. In the case of the gastric plication, spasms may occur this stomach should drink slowly and in small amounts until the stomach adapts. In the case of the gastric band, you can feel pain and noticed the band placed.

These two obesity surgeries are very safe for people with one BMI more under which are not yet candidates or do not want to carry out a Gastric Bypass or other more complex intervention. These methods allow you to you reach your ideal weight without going through surgeries major and irreversible. The choice of one or the other technique depends on its characteristics. You want to know if you’re a candidate for obesity surgery, or you would like to learn about Bariatric Surgery is your best option, on our website you can also find an e-consultation that can help you clear your doubts, is free and confidential. Receive a cordial greeting.