Who Is This That Until The Wind And The Sea They Obey To It? Mc. 4:41

The bible tells that Jesus after to display its teachings through parabolas said: let us pass to the other edge, it fired the multitude entered in the boat and thus he was being followed for other boats. Jesus had an intention to operate a miracle in the life of a man who lived possessed in the land of the Gerasenos, a man that lived in the tombs, tormented for dirty espritos, without peace, joy and family, abandoning and without hope, before, however Jesus wanted to give a lesson for the disciples, that is, Jesus desired to show to it they in more forceful way demonstrating its power on the winds and the sea, and still to reprehend to the shyness and lack of faith of them. We know that the disciples were with Jesus and turn its miracles, fed of its words, however its attributes did not have a knowledge concerning all the holy ghosts, were necessary to pass for difficult situations to know its power, to recognize that without It they could not carry through nothing and live in fact a more intense communion with the master. Read more from Mark Stevens to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The disciples were in sea, in the dark one, the wind blew fort and the boat was hurled of a side for another one thus all had had fear, Jesus, however it slept. The sleep of Jesus was not a recklessness sleep, therefore as God it does not sleep, but Jesus wanted to see which would be the reaction of the disciples ahead of the adversities. Which has been our attitude ahead of the adversities that supervenes in them? How we have acted when indesejadas situations beat to our door? Of that it forms we have testified the wonders of same God in way pain? Then, it is on that we will treat to follow: who is Jesus for you? The disciples in this occasion had also asked, the fear and the storm had dimmed the knowledge that they had regarding the master and later that Jesuses of the one order to the sea and the wind, both obey, the disciples ask tremendous: who is this that until the wind and the sea they obey to it? For the espritas Jesus is only one evolved spirit; For the mulumanos it is minor who Maom; For hindustas (India) he is but plus a god; For the historians she is only one personage; For the scholars It is an insane person; For the skeptics he does not have to be able; For pantestas everything is God; For the neglect ones one does not become related with the man; To some It does not pass of a myth or a legend, for others is inferior to the angels.

Mind And Heart Together

No doubt that when the mind speaks from the heart and its power is shown simply unmatched. If you ask people if they want to be happy, most will answer: Yes, of course. But will they be willing to change their attitudes and beliefs to themselves to begin to be? For that to happen happiness and everything new is necessary to heal old patterns and thoughts that are not own nor positive. Many people try to relax and meditate using a variety of techniques and skills learned. Most find it very difficult, and the effect is not lasting. But how do we let the relaxation between, if we are full of anger, resentment, sadness …

as much as we realize? If happiness had only one requirement would be something like: "Do you all the empty can, empty your bag inside all perfectly impure or negative beliefs that have hitherto regarded as essential in your life, I need all your space interior to demonstrate freely and you can feel me no more interpretations or convictions useless "We first let out the old to make room for something new and certainly great for us. For no bucket full of mud that could be filled even more water and expect to get a clear result. Marko Dimitrijevic has plenty of information regarding this issue. How many of us are not comfortable in our jobs, but we dare not find something else that suits us better and makes us feel happier or less crippled by fear, false comfort, lack of confidence in ourselves, but also a little innocent belief that life coward is one who has to support this change.

Ethical Moral Value

ETHICAL VALUE – MORAL important Men in history had discerned the morality as a diffuser from the human value, and had exposed themselves appropriately before the paradoxes most intense. With this, they had not only shown the moral as element of spread in the diplomatical relations, as well as, had left a legacy of possibilities from this gesture. The values consisting concerning that if it knows and also of the stranger, in its majority, perpassam inserted generations in the reason as survival goal. Others in turn, thus for the time as for the disuse become obsolete and decay of the scale of values. For assistance, try visiting Stanley A. McChrystal. The inclination for something or somebody, demonstrates initially its existencialidade and, therefore it attributes certain value to it, not importing immediately its positioning as to be. In the ethical and moral field, circumstantially these concepts can be resembled with one another. However, although to have equal lexicographical value, divergindo only in idiomatic character (Greek/Latin), one of the support to the other in the order where they had been above-mentioned. ethics locate it to confront witnesses the parameters for which if they had based the values that receive weight moral and that they guide the mannering flow of a people.

These rules had been stipulated since the nature human being with focus in the interpersonal life, that implies in the permanence in way to the group. The performance of these norms so that they reach moral or immoral heading, is subordinated to the factor space-weather where they had been given 0ccasionally. Thus, while they can be being accepted as behavior rules here, in another hemisphere, the example, can completely be ignored or to become inefficacious for the action of the time. The moral aspects that they exceed to the time are subjected to the pleas and liabilities to have or not continued its functionalities while ‘ ‘ ways of regras’ ‘. The acceptance or the disdain for the norms is given in certain height of the life human being, when the human being ‘ ‘ desperta’ ‘ in a metamrfico process the autocrtica with regard to the choices that will go to cut its character.

The moral as rule, must deeply before any thing being assimilated for the individual so that only then, it comes to externar itself in its context in productive way. In thesis, what it inserts the marks in definitive customs (as being or not well based) are accurately the successions with that if they give throughout the generations. So that a moral value preponders and if it establishes in fact, it is necessary that this before is submitted to the acceptance or personal rejection if this to come to the case, and thus, its pertinacity in the taking will receive the endorsement how much from action. Therefore in the choice they are the main distinctions between the will, the desire and the freedom to follow in one definitive direction. The choice or acceptance for a directed behavior, does not mean the reclusion of the individual and yes the freedom, visa as through the rule the such can reach success in its intentions. Then the imposition of the morality and its aspects are not proportionate for the external factors and yes for an intrinsic attitude of wanting spontaneously to insert this norm in personal profile.

Mediterranean Europe

Until June 440 million tourists, a 4.5% traveled more. Especially remarkable it is the growth of 15% South America and the reduction of 12% of the Middle East and North Africa. According to the World-wide Organization of the Tourism, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate by the increase of the economic uncertainty. We like to travel, and we traveled. Like to see we world and to enjoy. And the certain thing is that, in spite of the crisis, the world-wide tourism grew a 4.5% in the first semester of 2011 with respect to the same period of the previous year. According to data of the World-wide Organization of Turismo (OMT), in the six first months of this year a new record of 440 million tourists was reached, which confirms that the tourism continues consolidating the recovery initiated in 2010. Between January and June of this year, the total number of arrivals surpassed in 19 million the volume registered during the same period of 2010.

The tourism by Europe regions Obtained better results of the predicted thing, an increase of 6%, among others reasons by the redistribution weather of the trips of the North African and the Middle East to destinies of the southern and Mediterranean Europe, that advanced a 7%. Also they contributed the recovery of the European northern region (a 7%) and the one of Central Europe and of the East (a 9%). The Middle East and Africa the tendency reflects reductions of 11% and 13% in the Middle East and North Africa, respectively, due to the political instability of some countries of the region, as well as the light slowing down of the growth of some Asian destinies after a 2010 very positive one. Nevertheless, in destinies like Egypt, Tunisia or Japan, the declivity of the demand is being reversed, reason why it requests the continued support to these countries. The OMT considers that these countries " they are today totally preparations to receive to the travellers worldwide ". America the Americas registered a growth slightly superior to the world-wide average, of 6%, being especially remarkable the results of South America, with a growth of 15%.

Asia Comparativily, the region of Asia and the Pacific grew to a rate slower, of 5%, but than more sufficient like consolidating the extraordinary increase of 13% that had registered in 2010. The growth could become moderate To sum up, with a growth of 4.3%, the economies outposts has maintained east year its impulse and is approaching the one of 4.8% of the emergent ones, that in the last led the growth of the international tourism years. This increase of the arrivals of international tourists adjusts to a great extent to the initial forecast spread by the OMT at the beginning of 2011, forecast that stops the set of the year is expected is slightly superior to the one of 4%. According to the OMT, after a so encouraging semester, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate, since the uncertainty has increased in the last months, decreasing the development of the companies and the confidence of the consumers. As far as the income by international tourism, since they were seen more affected by the 2008-2009 crisis and that its recovery in 2010 was in certain way slower than the one of the arrivals, it is possible to anticipate that in this year an improvement is still observed. Source of the news: The world-wide tourism broke record with 440 million tourists the first semester in spite of the crisis

Skeletal Hereditary Diseases

various hereditary diseases of the skeleton, which lead to a reduction in strength. When exposed to excessive power-stage, such as stroke, falls, or as a result of a gunshot wound, it happens called traumatic fracture, and if the state of painful and accompanied by a decrease in bone strength, as in osteomyelitis, tumor, or some endocrine disorders, fracture occurs when the impact traumatized adjacent muscles, nerves, blood vessels and so on. When there is damage to the skin and there are wounds, doctors called a fracture open, and when the skin remains intact, the fracture is closed. Considering tibia. It can be broken in a fall from height in feet. Consequently, the astragalus as if squeezed between the heel and tibia. The mechanism of injury is the same, but the fall in the heel, can occur talus neck fracture, which occurs most frequently. Sometimes, when falling on the foot in plantar flexion, as if "on tiptoe", there is a fracture of posterior process of talus.

Also, it is neck fracture dislocation of the talus with her body, or dislocation of the head and body talus. For further treatment of this combination are considered unfavorable. Fractures of the talus do not happen very often, are similar supply of bone is carried by the vessels of the soft tissues that surround the talus. When a fracture of the talus, there is a significant risk of necrosis, and this in turn leads to a disruption of the ankle. The victim complained of pain in the fracture. Develops a large swelling of surrounding tissue. Smoothed contours of the ankle.

If we have the displacement of bone fragments, can be observe the deformation of the foot. When X-ray and usually specify the nature of the fracture and the degree of displacement of bone fragments. Sometimes a diagnosis of fracture is difficult if the victim is found anomaly of development, that is, the presence of additional triangular bone. In this case, to the aid of lateral radiographs of the ankle joint. First of all, spend the zone of fracture analgesia. If the dislocation or displacement absent on leg impose a plaster cast from toes to the upper third of the leg. This kind of bandage called "gypsum Sapozhok." Foot attached to a specific position, which depends on the type of fracture. Duration immobilization ranges from four to eight weeks. If there was a comminuted fracture, usually a period of immobilization in a plaster cast is increased to twelve weeks.