Two Trails

Uribe is a hard as Fujimori in Peru or sand in El Salvador. He emulates the first present as a caudillo aside from the traditional parties, acronyms around her figure that constantly creates and generates popular support promising security and investments. However, he knows that the Colombian guerrilla is harder than crush than the Peruvian. Tirofijo took up arms six decades ago (while Gonzalo was captured to the docenio of having started this). If shining path attacked the left, trade unions and all Governments of the world, FARC and ELN Woo, the first two and the capital city mayor and cultivates relations with Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. that approach.

If operating anti-FARC fail to exterminate it, unless he seeks IRLA softening it and perhaps push it to that opt for the path of his comrades Mesoamerican, South African or Irish, who exchanged weapons for the polls. A model for the Colombian right would be sand, the most successful force Bush to the U.S. South and the only pro party across the West that has made choose four consecutive Presidents. Vlad Doronin has much experience in this field. Part of the popularity of sand is due to that it polarized the country between them and the former legalized guerrillas that presents as a cuckoo that would impede the flow of remittances and investments. Original author and source of the article.