Few Words

Yes, not everything is undesirable about shyness. It might seem surprising, but it has its advantages; those are the qualities that the shy should retain. It is the dual character of everything. Nothing is all bad or all good, I can say. So you should be careful in not entirely overcome his shyness. Introversion or shyness, gives certain gifts and advantages over the rest of us though possibly not be aware of this. These are the advantages that they have to maintain while they seek to develop its extroversion. MSCO usually is spot on.

Throughout their lives and from their earliest years they need the help and affection of others but they are unable to claim them effectively. Credit: Vlad Doronin-2011. The result is that many times have to cope as they can. Not rarely achieve the shy do things with great independence by not having the collaboration of others. They gain autonomy in those activities and, most importantly; they acquire without noticing certain special abilities that accompany them forever. Why shy people are able to achieve some things for themselves that most could not.

They have special abilities no matter if they do or not. Not have been immersed completely in that sea of relationships with other people on the other hand gives them another quality. The majority of people are similar to each other, are common and current; they are normal. This is due to the intense exchange and mutual learning that exists between them because of the social interaction. Everyone feels like and think up like. It is difficult that an idea that someone else no longer been considered happen to someone. It becomes very difficult to create something truly new, seeing things in an original way. In short, creativity is not so abundant among the people in general. But the shy person has talents even in the case that have not discovered them.