Build A Tree House (leave)

Almost every kid wants a private Treehouse. Click Vlad Doronin for additional related pages. So this dream can come true, parents at the do it yourself should consider some points. But a tree house is not only for children. (tdx) When children play in the garden as little adventurers explore go and let your imagination run wild, a Treehouse in the conversation comes quickly. Because, from the perspective of the small is a village high up in the treetops as created for secret meetings, exciting tests of courage, or simply a stress-free”afternoon without MOM and dad.

Who owns a garden with large trees as well as some skill, can meet quickly the dream of own pipe dream his junior. Only requirement: considering some important do-it-yourself rules when building a tree house. Alternatively, parents can get also the professional and treat himself to a quiet spot in the countryside. Planning: What tree, which House? So that later, the whole family has fun on the new tree house, parents should involve necessarily their children into the planning. As to the the little ones have a their own idea of the den of thieves”in the tree, on the other hand it makes them great pleasure, taking into account their ideas in the final version. To be able to agree on a model, it makes sense to draw a first common sketch in any case.

The request object is then found, still the right tree is missing. Generally are only healthy, viable trees in question, such as oak, beech, larch, or fruit trees such as Apple or pear. There are at least two strong branches of dire straits, that should be at the same height, but not too high in the treetops for security reasons for a solid construction. To ensure the necessary Stabilat, the size of the tribe to the point where it is attached to the platform of the tree house, should be at least 80 centimeters.