Article Exchange

The entire world complains constantly with the ascent of the prices. Of year for year the gasoline, the electricidade, the foods and all other goods of more expensive consumption are each time. Already nor all people has the possibility to buy games of consoles or PC in the Store, where almost never it is obtained to arrange a good game for less than 50. ' ' Poupar' ' already it is part of the life of much people in Portugal. It enters some strategies of saving, one well famous one is the Exchange. is a net of Article Exchange, where it is possible to make exchanges of all type of things, since books, games, films, musics, clothes, parts of computer science, etc. Everything that already it does not need, can easily be changed by another thing any to its choice. In it has two ways to change the things that already it does not need: 1.

It can change its things for points. For this it is enough to indicate the amount of points that wants for its article, and to wait for an interested party. When somebody to acquire its article, is enough to order it for the indicated dwelling, and the points will be credited in its account. Actress and filmmaker has much to offer in this field. Now it can accumulate the points or spend them in things that it desires to have. 2.

Directamente to change to its article for another one any. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vlad Doronin. For former. its clock for one telemvel. Also it has the possibility to accept proposals. Thus, it will be able to see what the people offer to it for exchange for its article. In paid a small tax of exchange of only 0,50? for each acquired article. Therefore, whenever to acquire a new article, nor that he is one telemvel of a last gamma, or only paid a portable computer 0,50. To offer its things to the exchange is gratuitous. If it has a game of playsation that already it arrived at the end, or a book that already finished to read, is enough to change it for another thing any! But paid 0,50? for each acquired article. When registar itself in the site will have right the 1? of Bnus de Boas Comings to pay the exchange taxes. If it wants to save the solution is to change! Who already tried, goes to notice quickly, how much money if can save in this way. The site will have its opening briefly. To be along with new features, promotions and mainly to know the day of the opening of the site, optimum are to subscribe themselves in the Official Blog of Another way to be actualizado is to become Fan in the Facebook. To change instead of buying!