When it comes to consulting Tarot cards, love covers most of the questions. Then, are getting the most a reading? This is more than valid and important question, given that the majority of those seeking a love tarot reading feel disillusioned at the end of the same. FAQs during this type of queries are related to love, relationships, marriage, divorce and twin souls. All of them extremely broad themes, which is very difficult to make specific comments if there is with all the necessary information. The most common mistake made by the consultants lies precisely in omitting certain information, depriving the psychic see the entire forest. If you are skeptical and feel some distrust regarding the tarot of love, don’t waste time on a reading.

To save data and information will give you an incorrect address to the interpretation of the letters, and that can be confusing and even harmful. A good Tarot reader will know how to interpret the message in letters to adapt it to each consultant, which makes it convenient to ask the questions about love and relationships more exact and specific as possible. Since there are various ways to explain what the letters say, reading will be more personal and timely measure to provide more information to the psychic. For example, if you want to know if your partner is unfaithful, ask directly rather than investigate if another / to. There are always others in the everyday life of women and men, without any implication that they are lovers. During a tarot love reading, anyone romantically significant to the consultant as a parent, a sibling or a friend, may appear in letters.

The latter case may or not be infidelity. The Tarot reader needs to know certain information to give a correct interpretation to the cards, since the possible meanings are numerous. Therefore, the context in which the questions are carried out, the place chosen for tarot of love Chuck, coupled with the intuition of the Tarot reader, they jointly contribute to obtain valuable results through reading. Be very precise and specific to the questions about her love life. Ask directly, bluntly, what you want to know. It is the only way to access an efficient reading.

The Heuristical

However it is difficult not to find in an entrepreneur of small company some characteristic of an entrepreneur. According to Carland (Caland, 1992) what it varies is the degree of the trend entrepreneur of the individual. According to 3 9241 ISO, usability measure the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction with which using they can reach specific objectives in a particular environment. The system must disponibilizar the experienced users the operations of shortcut as: abbreviations, soft keys, double click in mouse, clear language and without codes to inform errors and to help the user to understand the problem. Source: John Paulson. Alterations for a good Usability: To accurately present the information that the necessary user at the moment, nor more nor less;? The terminology of being based on the language of the user and not being guided to the system;? The system must show the dialogue elements and allow that the user makes its choices, without necessity to remember to a command a specific one;? A command or action must always have the same effect;? The same operation must be presented in the same localization;? The system must continuously inform the user on what it is making.

2.1. Heuristical of Jakob Nielsen Considered ‘ ‘ father of usabilidade’ ‘ , Jakob Nielsen divides the usability in five basic criteria: the intuitividade, the efficiency, the memorization, the error and the satisfaction. The Heuristical ones of Nielsen (Jakob Nielsen, scientist of the computation with Ph.D in man-machine interaction) describe properties that must occur in a Web system of high usability. Credit: Source-2011. Visibility of the state of the system? Compatibility of the system with the real world? Control and freedom of the user? Consistency and standards? Prevention of errors? Recognition instead of souvenir? Flexibility and efficiency of use? Aesthetic and design minimalista?