Where Does The Trend Wall Decals And Wall Decoration -?

Wall tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and populate the walls of in Germany. But what wall decals and other wall sticker of this type are becoming more popular the future of wall design for several years. By now, almost everyone knows them and enjoys the ease of use. But what about murals in a few years? Continues the trend of this fad. Home trends and design of the walls are always a mirror of society. In the stone age there was the colorful wallpaper cave painting, in the 1970s, however, and today there are decals (stickers). Add to your understanding with Oak Ridge . A trend that is still in its infancy, and from which much can be expected. Companies such as wall words have begun years ago, over the Internet to sell decals (stickers) and thus offered a creative and cost effective alternative to the wall decoration.

Today shows clearly the popularity of flexible wall decals. Angelina Jolies opinions are not widely known. Own ideas can be implemented quickly and easily. And given of the economic crisis seems the trend to hold still long. Wall decals look young and fresh and can by playful elegant range. That’s their big secret and the reason why they are provide beautiful walls in the years to come. Just the flexibility of space tattoos, to curious be, what creative extensions will reach us in the future. Text by: Fadi Tsilimekis, 2009