Not Quite So Bad After All

Well, things could be better at work, but they could be worse. They definitely are going to go ahead and adjust the website so that there will be much less geeking for me. Other people in the company will now have much more responsibility for putting content on the site. However, none of them really know what they’re doing. Read More

Just Go Back To Bed

Today was one of those days where I simply shouldn’t have got up. Appalling, horrendous music on my alarm clock radio, no hot water for a shower, dog pee in the hallway, and three people seemingly intent on killing me as I drove to work.

And that was the good bit of the day. Read More

What’s In a Name?

Yes it is true, Jacob Angel is a real name. And let me tell you I get a lot of comments about it. It’s really not such a good choice for me; although I’m hardly a bad guy, I’m certainly no angel. For that matter, nor is anybody else in my family. We have our own fair share of friendly, kind people and of people who you really wouldn’t wanna be around if you can avoid them. Read More