Angel Food

I’ve realised I’ve been talking a lot about work and not so much about my life outside of work. So here’s a little about myself, beginning with some food habits.

I enjoy all different types of food, some of them a bit too often according to the button on my jeans. I’m a huge fan of pizza, and I also love Mexican food. On my one trip to California a couple years ago, I ate two foods that I had never eaten before… fish tacos, and chilli fries from Fat Boy.

Fish tacos are a wonderfully healthy meal… bite sized chunks of fish, wrapped up in a tortilla along with cabbage slaw, some seasoning, and some dressing. Not much in there for a nutritionist to object to.

Chilli fries are another matter completely. A big portion of french fries, with a ladle of chilli slapped straight on top; absolute heaven, but it’s like making a down payment at the cardiologist’s office. But boy are they good.

Not a lot of fish tacos in my neck of the woods here, so I’m looking forward to getting back to California on a trip later this year.

What are some of your favourite foods? Drop me a comment and let me know.