A New Career Path For Jacob?

It’s been a while since I posted here – life has been eventful and, in hindsight, largely very good. But if you’d asked me a month or so ago I might not have been so positive.

The local cable company I was working for got consolidated into a different multi-national conglomerate entertainment behemoth who have a very different strategy for online marketing so, in a word … I got laid off. I was a very unhappy camper for a week or two, since I’d invested a lot of time and strategic thought into the project that I had been working on.

But after a few days I started to come out of my shell a little and looked around for other things I could be doing and guess what? The world was still turning, the sun was still shining, and I began to get several inquiries about consulting contracts for site development.

One of the projects was immediately interesting; an old friend of mine works at an independent music label that wants to start developing strategy for an online presence. At this stage they don’t want to actually build anything at all. They see a massive change coming in the way that customers, artists and labels interact with each other, and they want to make sure they’re ahead of the game as those changes come down the pike.

They want me to spend several weeks helping them to develop a strategic vision for where they should be concentrating their web efforts over the next couple of years. Once we’ve all agreed on a road forward, they’d then like me to give them a proposal for developing the site and managing it for the long-term.

If my job at the cable company had continued, this great new opportunity would never have come my way. Perhaps this is the beginning of the next chapter in my career?