Life Outside of Work

To continue talking about myself a little while — I don’t have many hobbies. I’m lucky enough to get paid for doing the thing I enjoy doing most, which is goofing around with a computer.

Outside of work, I read extensively, with an emphasis on current affairs and politics. When it comes to fiction, my tastes are pretty low brow; I like to read mysteries and thrillers, particularly series mysteries, where there are 10 or 12 books to enjoy in a row. Recently I’ve been reading Robert Parker avidly… I think all of his books are just terrific, but I do particularly like the Spenser novels.

I’ve been reading Stuart Woods a lot recently also, and I think many of his books are very good. But I do find his character Stone Barrington just a bit too precious. Lots of writers go in for brand dropping, but really I don’t care what Champagne he drinks, I don’t care what count the cotton sheets are in his hotel, and I certainly don’t care how much he paid for his watch. Like I say, good page turners, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Stone Barrington slip on a big pile of pig poop one-time and mess up his suit.

I try and get outside occasionally as well. Never was a big fan of team sports, but I enjoy cruising around on my bike. I have a rather unusual bike, a sort of semi-recumbent, made by a company called BikeE. Unfortunately they went out of business some years ago, so this bike is going to have to keep rolling, because there’s no way I’m going back to a regular crotch cruncher like I used to ride.