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Until June 440 million tourists, a 4.5% traveled more. Especially remarkable it is the growth of 15% South America and the reduction of 12% of the Middle East and North Africa. According to the World-wide Organization of the Tourism, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate by the increase of the economic uncertainty. We like to travel, and we traveled. Like to see we world and to enjoy. And the certain thing is that, in spite of the crisis, the world-wide tourism grew a 4.5% in the first semester of 2011 with respect to the same period of the previous year. According to data of the World-wide Organization of Turismo (OMT), in the six first months of this year a new record of 440 million tourists was reached, which confirms that the tourism continues consolidating the recovery initiated in 2010. Between January and June of this year, the total number of arrivals surpassed in 19 million the volume registered during the same period of 2010.

The tourism by Europe regions Obtained better results of the predicted thing, an increase of 6%, among others reasons by the redistribution weather of the trips of the North African and the Middle East to destinies of the southern and Mediterranean Europe, that advanced a 7%. Also they contributed the recovery of the European northern region (a 7%) and the one of Central Europe and of the East (a 9%). The Middle East and Africa the tendency reflects reductions of 11% and 13% in the Middle East and North Africa, respectively, due to the political instability of some countries of the region, as well as the light slowing down of the growth of some Asian destinies after a 2010 very positive one. Nevertheless, in destinies like Egypt, Tunisia or Japan, the declivity of the demand is being reversed, reason why it requests the continued support to these countries. The OMT considers that these countries " they are today totally preparations to receive to the travellers worldwide ". America the Americas registered a growth slightly superior to the world-wide average, of 6%, being especially remarkable the results of South America, with a growth of 15%.

Asia Comparativily, the region of Asia and the Pacific grew to a rate slower, of 5%, but than more sufficient like consolidating the extraordinary increase of 13% that had registered in 2010. The growth could become moderate To sum up, with a growth of 4.3%, the economies outposts has maintained east year its impulse and is approaching the one of 4.8% of the emergent ones, that in the last led the growth of the international tourism years. This increase of the arrivals of international tourists adjusts to a great extent to the initial forecast spread by the OMT at the beginning of 2011, forecast that stops the set of the year is expected is slightly superior to the one of 4%. According to the OMT, after a so encouraging semester, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate, since the uncertainty has increased in the last months, decreasing the development of the companies and the confidence of the consumers. As far as the income by international tourism, since they were seen more affected by the 2008-2009 crisis and that its recovery in 2010 was in certain way slower than the one of the arrivals, it is possible to anticipate that in this year an improvement is still observed. Source of the news: The world-wide tourism broke record with 440 million tourists the first semester in spite of the crisis