Morality In Qigong (II )

“Emphasis should be placed / must have / must contemplate morality” The sixth specification refers to the moral basis of the shares and, within the framework of qigong, the most important condition for good results and wonderful. The first importance of morality, among several other conditions, is shown in the fact that there are teachers who have practiced qigong morality without qigong, but are not qigong masters who have practiced qigong without morality. Morally, it means: to be straight / objectives, do the best for our spirituality, nourished with what is moral. unconditional and spontaneous Morality is unconditional, not dependent on circumstances. From a human point of view, can be considered as an extension of ethics, but it certainly is a major pattern of attitude and behavior that encompasses all realms and is particularized in different ethical. Its universal nature is present in all ethics, mainly attribute implies spontaneity-which is in Nature, in “behavior” naturally exists in all things, spontaneity which determines causally the proper functioning of things.

Here, because of that space-time (usually, the circumstances) is less involved than in the human realm, the spontaneity is more present. If we walk through a forest, we see that the pines live in a different space of the oaks, that is, there is so much space each one has its place, and if, by artificial movement, a new plant, this is integrated into the extension of the forest. Carnivores are less than herbivores, a sign of aggression in nature has few representatives.