Who Is This That Until The Wind And The Sea They Obey To It? Mc. 4:41

The bible tells that Jesus after to display its teachings through parabolas said: let us pass to the other edge, it fired the multitude entered in the boat and thus he was being followed for other boats. Jesus had an intention to operate a miracle in the life of a man who lived possessed in the land of the Gerasenos, a man that lived in the tombs, tormented for dirty espritos, without peace, joy and family, abandoning and without hope, before, however Jesus wanted to give a lesson for the disciples, that is, Jesus desired to show to it they in more forceful way demonstrating its power on the winds and the sea, and still to reprehend to the shyness and lack of faith of them. We know that the disciples were with Jesus and turn its miracles, fed of its words, however its attributes did not have a knowledge concerning all the holy ghosts, were necessary to pass for difficult situations to know its power, to recognize that without It they could not carry through nothing and live in fact a more intense communion with the master. Read more from Mark Stevens to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The disciples were in sea, in the dark one, the wind blew fort and the boat was hurled of a side for another one thus all had had fear, Jesus, however it slept. The sleep of Jesus was not a recklessness sleep, therefore as God it does not sleep, but Jesus wanted to see which would be the reaction of the disciples ahead of the adversities. Which has been our attitude ahead of the adversities that supervenes in them? How we have acted when indesejadas situations beat to our door? Of that it forms we have testified the wonders of same God in way pain? Then, it is on that we will treat to follow: who is Jesus for you? The disciples in this occasion had also asked, the fear and the storm had dimmed the knowledge that they had regarding the master and later that Jesuses of the one order to the sea and the wind, both obey, the disciples ask tremendous: who is this that until the wind and the sea they obey to it? For the espritas Jesus is only one evolved spirit; For the mulumanos it is minor who Maom; For hindustas (India) he is but plus a god; For the historians she is only one personage; For the scholars It is an insane person; For the skeptics he does not have to be able; For pantestas everything is God; For the neglect ones one does not become related with the man; To some It does not pass of a myth or a legend, for others is inferior to the angels.