Vienna Castle Road

Relocation of the proinnovera GmbH in the Vienna Castle Road in Munster 1996 was Dr. Breuer of one of the first that involved the complex of buildings at the Vienna Castle Road in Munster. Still employees of well-known pharmaceutical group Wyeth Pharma AG (now Pfizer Inc.), returns today as a successful owner of the own company. In baggage about 90 employees and orders of 6 of the largest 10 pharmaceutical companies of the international pharmaceutical industry. “Contractors on clinical research and development since 1997 takes over the clinical research organization” proinnovera the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical trials for their clients. These are tests that are conducted on healthy volunteers or patients and to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medicines in practice.

The comprehensive clinical examination of a newly developed drug is the precondition that a preparation on the market can be admitted. Earlier, manufacturers have conducted these studies themselves. But in the meantime are the conditions become more complex and time consuming. So the biggest part in CROs (contractors) is outsourced.”explains Dr. Breuer himself the role his company within the clinical research.

proinnovera focuses on studies of the medical fields of Dermatology, Oncology, rheumatology, central nervous system and infectious diseases / vaccines looked after. Expansion due to the good economic situation our type of service is definitely a growth market. Therefore we want to expand!”according to Dr. Breuer next. The previous site had become too tight for it. Also lacked suitable premises for archiving in the larger style. In the new building, which already has established itself in the past as a Pharma site, an ideal infrastructure for clients, staff and participants is against it. Link between theory and practice the aim of spatial reorientation is according to Dr. Breuer also a closer networking of medical research and practical application in the pharmaceutical, Area to support. So the 53-year-old plans to use the new headquarters to bring scientists, doctors and manufacturers at a table for symposia. Munster offers a particularly attractive location for such a project. “This is due to a great proximity to the facilities of the University on the other hand there are a number of young innovative companies.” Thus, the choice Munster deliberately committed to his hometown. Munster is the city in which I live and who I like!” That is motivation enough for Dr. Breuer, to search for his partner on the spot and with them together to create an even more attractive business environment. The move into the new building will take place in April 2012. Most of which 5000 square meters is proinnovera even land use. Only 1000 square meter stand still for more tenants to available. CRO contact data: proinnovera GmbH contractors for clinical research and development Schmittingheide 20 32 48155 Munster, Germany Contact person: Bernd Brormann, Director of clinical operations Tel. 0251/270 778-0 fax 0251 / 270-778-25 new address from 01.04.2012: monkeys Castle str. 207 48159 Munster, Germany