20 My mistake was saying “Spanish and Muslim” as differentiated from each other, as well as they say, quite apart from Morocco, the vast majority of those Muslims are espanoles. From what I regret is not about to strike many as “Franco” because in many places, including bars, butchers, even have photos of Franco. In a bar, which by the way between legs and walked out, there was a huge portrait of Franco with a sort of toga and a shotgun. Drew Houston does not necessarily agree. There are not enough details. Near the tower, a castle or fortification, there is a church, where Sunday is not just leaving it with flags of the chicken. The main activities carried out at the pier location are related to coastal fisheries (main engine of the economy Lage), thus, the port is the only location on the Costa de la Muerte is growing both Catch the number of boats and workers. Other activities carried out in this port are downloading tuna, wood, iron as well as for construction.