Highspeed Network

Mobile Internet on more than one participant can be with a HSDPA router. With the HSPDA router the possibility multiple users at the same time on UMTS to allow network access. The router which has access to the Internet via UMTS can be used over Wi-Fi. In the workspace, the possibility to allow access to shared resources and Office-internal data mobile work communities. In addition, the HSPDA router is the most important component of a mobile network equipment.

Business pays off his commitment with higher productivity and reduced time and cost.Also, use a HSPDA router in areas which are not built with DSL worth in the private sector. Here, the router has the same function as a hotspot, it supplies all of the computers that are in the House with a UMTS Internet access. In General, a HSPDA router is very handy and easy to install. The current download rate of this router are up 7.2 Mbit / s at the moment The HSPDA router on an existing mobile phone contract is as Additional option selected, some carriers subsidize the router. The customer then receives the device at a lower price.

HSPDA router is available in various models. A model is the Web’n ‘ walk box. This router has a LAN and wireless data connection with a speed that either 6000 connection corresponds to a cable or DSL DSL 2000. Another model is the globe surfer III. The globe surfer III supports all speeds in mobile networks. Also the router can be used worldwide. The Linkskys router is an another HSPDA router. This is a UMTS-WLan router. This router router with 4 LAN ports. In addition, he has over a PCMCIA card slot. Torsten Heinsius