Disney Pixar Discount

Officially begin sales of summer at RYUDO, discounting a 30% of the original price in more than 20,000 films DVD and Blu-ray’s online store catalog and titles as representative as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, more beyond life, Black Swan (three titles in all its editions), the King’s speech or Tron Legacy, that plunge in Animax can be purchased but now we are talking about rebates, throughout the month of June store movies already it has been implementing 30% discounts on thousands of movies on DVD and Blu-ray. The difference is that now on sale RYUDO adds 2,000 titles to the catalogue of movies initially reduced, surpassing the figure of 20,000 films to which they applied a 30% discount on the price. This 30% discount also affects the film on DVD, to be released during the month of July and already you can book on Animax: Morning Glory, network and the trap of evil. Rebates expire on July 31. 50% discount on Disney Pixar equally, the online store has activated a promotion of 50% discount on all titles in the Disney Pixar collection, to buy at least two movies on DVD or Blu-ray from any of the titles, which include bugs and the Incredibles, emerging for the first time on Blu-ray version. In general, films like Up, Finding Nemo, Cars, monsters, Inc. or the various editions of Toy Story, among others, to a 50% discount on July 30 will be available.