Copenhagen Consensus

All remember. Rio De Janeiro hosted Echo, Conference of United Nations on the Environment and the Development. They searched half to conciliate the partner-economic development with the conservation and protection of ecosystems of the Land. some important documents had been produced. The Letter of the Land, based on the principles of that we must respect and take care of of the life community, to keep the ecological integrity, to promote social and economic justice, democracy, not-violence and peace. The conventions of Biodiversity, the Desertificao and the Climatic Changes; The declaration of principles on forests. The Declaration of the River on Environment and Development, standing out the beginning of the support. Agenda 21, a base so that each country could elaborate its plan of preservation of the environment.

Thousands of films, announcements and news articles had been made after this, valuing the nature mainly. The lesson that was incomplete: research of the Ministry of Environment, carried through in 2003, showed that 67% of the Brazilian population do not incluam the human being in its slight knowledge on ecology. little people knows today, until, that ' ' ecologia' ' it is the study of the place where if it lives. In the populated regions, where ' ' algum' ' it lives. But a more including knowledge was express of impactante form. The Copenhagen Consensus (2004), that it congregated nine economists world-wide of the great prestige, concluded that the main ambient problems of this planet were, for the order, the AIDS, me the nutrition, the trade barriers and the malaria.

More recently, in 2008, Jeffrey Sachs, special council member of the Special Secretary of United Nations in the Goals of Development of the Millenium, published ' ' The wealth of todos' ' (New Border). Sustainable development, according to it, ' ' it means prosperity globally shared and ambiently sustentvel' '. To reach it, we need technologies that allow to more combine high levels of prosperity with ambient impacts basses, we must stabilize the global population, especially in the countries poor and is mandatrio to help the countries poor to escape of the trap of the poverty with global politics. The ONU now prepares the Rio+20, that will offer a possibility to the world in the fight against the poverty, according to undersecretary-generality of Economic and Social Subjects, Shah Zukang, who complements: the meeting will try to close an agreement of transistion for ' ' economy verde' ' , that it will have to help to reduce the number of poor persons in the world. Finally, we place the human being in the center of the attentions. It does not have nothing that degrades more the nature of what the misery and the illness.


Against it is indicated in using anticoagulant patients and patients who will go to submit the surgical processes, given the possibility to cause hemorrhages (WHO, 1999). 3,5 Commercial presentations In general, it has formularizations in 40 the coated tablet form of mg: Each coated tablet contains 40 mg of dry extract of Ginkgo biloba L 24% of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos (equivalent 19,2 mg of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos, specifically quercetina, kempferol). Compressed coated I contend 80 mg of dry extract of Ginkgo biloba L 24% of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos (equivalent 19,2 mg of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos, specifically quercetina, kempferol). Compressed coated of 120 mg: Each coated tablet contains 120 mg of dry extract of Ginkgo biloba L 24% of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos (equivalent the 28,8 mg of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos, specifically quercetina, kempferol). Compressed coated of 180 mg: Each coated tablet contains 180 mg of dry extract of Ginkgo biloba L 24% of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos (equivalent the 30,0 mg of ginkgoflavoglucosdeos) specifically quercetina, kempferol (BRANCHES, 2010). 3,6 Toxic effect Other forms of use of ginkgo biloba as cool leves, or the extracts in low concentrations, do not produce the effect desired.

The first developed extract was EGb 761 in which the ginkgoldio it was studied how much to the chemical aspects, farmacolgicos and toxicolgicos. The seeds, caules and leves contain 4' – O-metilpiroxidina, that causes symptoms of deficiency of the B6 vitamin, including convulsions (TUROLLA; BIRTH, 2006). Each bigger time of scientific studies exists a number that prove the toxicidade of before used plants without restrictions and indiscriminate form. The Ginkgo was responsible for sets of ten of cases of hepatotoxicidade in the Europe. In Brazil, in the decade of 80 the Ginkgo was used as plant for the cure of diverse illnesses. Carried through studies had demonstrated the risk of the internal use of the plant, being told toxic effect of alquilfenis, alergnicos effect and imunotxicas properties. The idea of that medicinal plants do not present toxicidade potential and that for being ' ' naturais' ' it is frequent, it can take the serious consequences as collateral effect and poisonings.

Aydame To One

Often we are the judges more critics of we ourself and often we put under the nearest people by our frustration. Perhaps it is not about you – so you do not try to take it like something personal. I know it, is much more easy to say that to do, but he will be better for you if not it takings like something personal. Once again, this not always is the case reason why of listening what the other person says ” realmente” it is very important. A good relation is based on a flow of constant communication, which means to listen, to speak and mainly to be honest with the others. If you cannot be sincere with your vulnerable pair and with your pair, probably you are not in the correct relation. To forget the past is to be in a loving relation Being in a loving relation implies to run the risk of being absolutely vulnerable to that person although you can be wounded or wounded.

This does not mean that it or it does not love to you. All we have made these things, is probable that a person either another one, but is the more painful when is in a relation with somebody that is loved. The honesty is most important along with the communication, or within the marriage, the long term relation, or a relation that are going to happen someday. Siganse listening the one the other, or initiates, if they have not done it. The life is destined to being a little dangerous sometimes, and if you are conscientious on the love, then you must take in serious the communication.

Mantnte always working in your relation and the things is going to improve of a way or another one. You are not scared in recovering your relation if you have committed errors. The following article sera of extreme interest if your finished relation to and you want to reclaim the loved being.


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Portugal Debt

To all this we must add the exacerbation of the plight in the media international countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, among others, by a movement orchestrated by global financial agents and that translates into the undervaluing of the agencies rating, private, public debt that were resorting to finance some buffer performances of the crisis. Thus, any space of autonomy of the Governments policy and its condition is cut root democratic. Governments that previously had margin when it had its own currency and now not can not devalue. The balance of payments deficit, the imbalance of public accounts, and the impossibility of acting with the slightest independence in terms of economic policy, and the blackmail of not being able to leave the euro given the risk of isolation, the resignation of the EU to exercise regulatory policy that deserves such name in matters fiscal, labour and financial or even conclusion to issue joint public debt based on the solidarity of different European Statesthey lead to a disciplined aborregamiento of the national political agenda. In this case those agents of transnational financial capital subjected, and Governments capitulate, requiring a program of neoliberal austerity in public accounts historically formidable dimensions, as well as labour reforms, collective bargaining and salary review models, and the pension system, to ensure that returns and interest rates on the debt securities public that they buy are as loose as possible. With this situation, it is clear that the European Union is not more than a non-operating institutional housing at the political level to put corset to speculative abuses of the global financial markets and its own logic and that, ultimately, democracy, which was already low intensity, fades fully, making productivity mere Governments of neoliberal policies that dictate them societies investment and large multinational companies. Spain has bled saving the main cause of the crisis, and now with a tremendous fiscal crisis, is to be financed by issuing public debt.


(b) mastery of the basic tools of new technologies of information and communication (NTIC): implementation of surveys, tabulation of the results and inferences from them. (c) domain of the mathematical content of the preceding levels of the educational system: test of problems, also contributes to determine the level of logical thinking and the level of creativity for formation of strategies by students by the inductive, deductive, or analog tracks. Adequacy of the discipline program and the subjects in them in addition to the traditional categories include developers functions related to the abilities of the profession where taxed general physics… Creation of a detailed teaching guide, which will be practically a planning (with dates, hours of dedication, scores, teaching material, etc.), the whole course with internal linkages of content from other disciplines and elements of NICTs must dominate the development of the courses. Development of teaching material, plan of proposed activities, monitoring and ongoing evaluation, final objectives and volume of content. Integration with the student life project prepared by the guardians appear where the extracurricular aspects of the discipline, which develop labor practice of the early years and those who are included in the student scientific work.

. Nor forget that a transcendent party, corresponds to the educational material, broadly shall: have a quality, size and content suitable to the project with the rules as they require the NICTs. Avoid the duplication, this would lead to increases in volumes of information and a lower educational performance. Preferably use exclusive material itself subject, textbooks, virtual libraries etc. The use of external material must be avoided as much as possible, to be used in a timely manner as complementary or material support. Avoid excessive developments of content in the classroom or in queries, which do not allow to address the most relevant aspects geared towards problem solving. Use problems inherent to the profession and whenever possible the method of assimilation of knowledge will be the analog that facilitates enormously the acquisition thereof.

Pollution Control Acoustics

Control of acoustic pollution: acoustic insulation, noise and vibration is the title of the given paper, on Thursday 13 may, by the general director of Audiotec, Ana Ester Espinel Valdivieso, within the framework of the seminar CTL acoustic environmental in classified activities organized by the Conselleria de Medi Ambient, Aigua, Urbanisme i Habitatge de la Generalitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the center of clean technologies (CTL). Addressed heads of environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, consultants and technicians from municipalities and public entities, among other professionals linked to the environmental quality-, and whose objective was to find solutions and measures of awareness about noise pollution and noise. Noise, regarded as a sound that is unwanted by the recipient or as an auditory sensation unpleasant and annoying, is cause for concern today by their effects on health and individual and group, human behavior due to the physical, psychic and social consequences that entails. In our days, the noise is regarded as an important form of pollution and a clear manifestation of a low quality of life. This conference served as a forum for open debate with the different agents involved, about noise pollution and noise to give solutions and measures of awareness.

Highlights of the day the importance of controlling noise pollution in the classified activities (industry, catering, etc.) through three phases: the proper realization of the acoustic project, prior to the granting of the authorization or environmental license; Measurements in situ, together with the start of activity or opening license communication; the control and inspection, once the activity is in operation. In this sense, Espinel stressed the importance of having a competent acoustic project, since it is a way to act in a preventive way (shielded, springs, etc.) and avoid future problems of noise pollution. In addition, Espinel also stated that there are other factors of economic and administrative, as well as the contingencies arising from the implementation phase of the project, you are advised that specialized subject matter and qualified technicians are at the forefront of this type of projects. In the implementation phase of the project is essential, said Espinel follow the instructions laid down in the draft, as well as employ materials and construction techniques recommended by the experts who drafted the same and taking care of all details that could affect the final outcome, such as fissures, acoustic bridges or damping of machinery, among other basic aspects. Finally, the general director of Audiotec spoke of that along with the start of activity communication, must submit a report that seacredite, by means of measurements in situ, featuring the acoustic insulation to regulated air noise, and Interior and exterior sound immission levels. And control of the inspection by the Administration once the activity is operating in the environmental acoustics CTL in classified activities seminar also participated among other experts: Jorge Lamparero Lazaro, director-general for climate change, Department of environment, water, urban development and housing; Oscar Recuero Fernandez, head of the Department of environment of ENAC; or Ernesto Cervero Melia, head of maintenance of the city of Cullera. Original author and source of the article

American Standards

Risk managers are well aware of the need to comply with regulations that affect security in the hands of workers exposed to specific occupational risks or who have to perform time-consuming cleanups. Understanding of numeric codes and symbols that are used to specify the levels of protection guarantees to workers that it has the appropriate level of protection for the task or cleaning carried out. Correspondence matching codes of proper protection risks is therefore an important factor. International (ISO) and Australia / New Zealand (ANSI) help to classify specific attributes of products and communicate the levels of quality and protection of personal protective equipment, says Jerome Feuvrier of Ansell. Although compliance with the AS / NZS 2161 for labor protection gloves is not mandatory for manufacturers, security officers see the compliance as a key issue. Australia and certain parts of Asia have a policy of adopting the international standards established for their own use and have implemented a number of rules identical to those used everywhere. In Europe they have been tested and approved to meet all the many stringent standards community and American. For example, the standard EN 420 (AS / NZS 2161.

2: 1998) labour protection gloves, defines the General requirements for all protective gloves (except gloves electrician and doctor) for the construction of glove, food safety, cleaning, comfort and efficiency, marking and information. A series of standards listed below: AS / NZS 2161. 3: 1998 (388) gloves for protection against mechanical hazards, AS / NZS 2161. 10: 1998 (374) protection against chemicals and micro-organisms and AS / NZS 2161. 4: 1999 (407) gloves for protection against thermal risks. Each of these standards is represented by a symbol and number stamped on gloves, the higher the number, higher level of guarantee of protection. For each standard requires testing to determine the extent of the level of protection and is a useful guide for those in charge of security for workers, says Jerome. Original author and source of the article

Magnetic Resonance

Amino possesss on carbon sp3 nitrogen (C? N), what it leads to an absorption in d 40,00. In nitrilas, the carbon atom sp absorbs in d 115 ppm. The RMN specter 13C? DEPT (intensification of the distortion for polarization transference) is used in the determination of on the hydrogen atom number 13C. Logically, hidrogenados carbon atoms do not present signal, in this type of specter. DEPT 135 shows signals for low (indicating metilnicos carbons) and signals for top (indicating metnicos and methylic carbons). In DEPT 90, only signals appear of groups CH.

In the specter of RMN 13C of the etanoato of etila, the signals in d 15 and 30 corresponds to methylic carbon atoms and the signal in d 60 corresponds to metilnico carbon. The carbon atom of the group carbonila has signal in d 170. The RMN specter 13C? DEPT shows a signal for low (d 60), therefore indicates metilnico carbon, and the signals in d 15 and 30 for top, therefore they indicate methylic carbons. In this specter, the referring signal to carbonlico carbon is not verified (in d 170), since it is a carbon not hidrogenado. With this study of the RMN, it was verified that one ' ' aumento' ' of the electronic density on determined atom of hydrogen or carbon-13 it implies in ' ' reduo' ' of the value of the chemical displacement of the same (effect shield). For in such a way it is necessary to know some groups that intervene, of certain form, in the electronic density. This fact is marcante in benznicos rings, with the positions orto, goal and stops. Groups that ' ' doam' ' electrons for the ring (positive effect mesmero) increase, in this, the electronic density, in the positions orto and stop of the ring.

They are examples of these groups: amino, hidroxila, metoxila and alquilas. Groups that ' ' retiram' ' electrons of the ring (negative effect mesmero) diminish, in this, the electronic density. They are examples: nitro, sulfnico, carboxila and aldoxila. To classify them in orto/for leading controllers and goal is to take in consideration the reacional question (reactions of substitution in the ring). Much can be explored of the Nuclear and applied Magnetic Resonance in diverse areas (chemical organic: natural synthesis and products; pharmacy: pharmaceutical chemistry and quality control; vegetal biochemist, among others) being of much importance its knowledge.

Madison Square Garden

Sublime, majestic and real, with symbols such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the contrast between the neighborhoods of Soho and Harlem, and Madison Square Garden, New York City captivates by its immeasurable charm and, above all, its plurality, appealing from the standpoint that parses it is. Popularly known as the Big Apple, is located in the northeast of the United States and is divided into five districts called boroughs. This name corresponds to a mode of governance that is used to manage the five counties that make up the city: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York is the most populous city of the country with some eight million and half of inhabitants (2007), and constitutes a site of significant importance in areas such as culture, the economy and tourism in general. More than forty million passengers arrive every year, seduced by the various attractions that proposes this fantastic place. Some of them are the Empire State building, that would be the highest the world (reaches 443 meters) for more than 40 years; the Broadway Avenue and its countless theatres; the legendary Central Park, visited by almost 30 million people annually; the Botanical Garden in the Bronx, declared national historical heritage of the United States in 1967; and the historic statue of liberty – inaugurated in 1886-, a gift from the French on the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of American independence. Parks, museums and emblematic Fifth Avenue are also part of the characterization of this city really stunning to the eyes of any mortal, which is also fully equipped to properly receive local and foreign tourists. Incidentally, hotels in New York are adapted to needs and more pretentious market interests, with quality and sophistication of a culture that only knows of growth and evolution.

The enormous amount of immigrants makes it a constant offering of various wealth as gastronomy, art and architecture, by example. With regard to the latter, New York is recognized worldwide for its nearly 5,000 skyscrapers and monumental buildings, a number unsurpassed in the rest of the planet. Finally, worth noting the safety, order and organization of this magnificent city, which boasts one of the world most important public transport systems. Sublime, majestic and real, with symbols such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the contrast between the neighborhoods of Soho and Harlem, and Madison Square Garden, New York City captivates by its immeasurable charm and, above all, its plurality, appealing from the standpoint that parses it is. Photographs of travel has offered you this article New York, the city of the skyscrapers in collaboration with rental apartments in Madrid original author and source of the article