Collecting Rain In A Barrel

My wife has gained some real papyrus perennials (Cyperus papyrus), which the extremely calcareous water from the tap stand is not absolute. And for the Rhododendron rainwater is also appropriate. The solution was for (as always) to me. I bought it at the hardware store a 208-liter water butt (under 20 – ), plus an adapter for use in the rain tube is passed through the heavy rainfall, the water just in the open center. Condition of the construction: everything must be reversible, so can be removed without any damage caused.

The drain hose is pulled under the stairs from the living room to the terrace and then leads to the nearly 2 m lower productions tonne, is right outside the window of my in TG located hobby room – (photos here) is – it is seen from above, not nearly, and sufficient to irrigate the garden several times. (You can also dig in the bin, if such a beautiful way to hide the thing elegant, not given, is only about a 15x 15 cm high for the pump shaft would then be next to it, or you can use a submersible pump.) Annoying at first was only the carrying of the filled watering cans on the slope upwards, so that I made in recycling a (3! years old) washing machine a liquor pump and 2.5 m discharge hose got was that managed the test pump, the height difference of about 2m sure, and thanks to the larger tube diameter at the jug filling was faster as the drain hose down the barrel valve, which only the took advantage of gravity. Now remained only the problem of completely weatherproof circuit of the pump. The circuit is indeed quite simple, according to the principle: Use only low voltage for switching. The relay is from an old monitor, it is the reed contacts in parts shop. Shifting in the reed switch by an “actuator”, a very strong magnet from a 3 1 / 2? – Plate, which had head crash. Everything is in an inner tube completely water-and weather-packed, the red shift must handle at the top only be worked out and is very easy after filling again captivated (I know what I mean) down to fold.

The reed switch is not critical by a protection diode – type, from the series 1N400x all just about, the cut-off shorts the induction voltage of the relay protected. The 12 V power supply come from a hobby room, which constantly feeds the Watch window and is therefore not disabled as a single. In the photos on the left is not activated to see the right-actuated switches with the red handle. The pump I have a, which serves as a splash guard, mounted, it is in an inaccessible corner behind the barrel, which comes in no water. The whole thing has been proven and even my wife has so far not managed to make it broken. My oil and acrylic paintings I paint when I build or fix anything just once are classified by theme, see my website. Have fun at the garden and casting!