USARussia Agreement

The declaration of the first-minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, of whom only accepted a demilitarized Palestinian State does not have cabimento. The Palestinian State after a definitive peace accord with Israel would never go to attack the Jewish State. Mainly because this Country possesss nuclear weapons. The enemy of Israel is not in its more distant border and yes, and calls Anger, that wants to manufacture atomic bombs. From there the reason of the United States to be worried. The Coreia of the north already is a great armed problem of missiles with nuclear capacity, being able to reach the American State of the Hava, now imagines the Anger also with atomic weapons. congratulations for the Russian initiative of wanting to reduce its nuclear armory since that the United States also make the same and abandon the idea of an anti-missile shield in the Europa.O agreement firmed between the United States and Russia, with the purpose to limit the respective nuclear armories for less than 2.000 ogives and the right of the Americans to use the Russian airspace to attack the rebels talibs, is one of the most efficient decisions between both the countries that without notice in the world has and that they had lived under the cold war. Without a doubt both earn because also the Russians had had problems with chechenos Muslen, in the Region of the Caucasus, where he had two wars against the chechenos, until the final victory Russa.A peace between Palestinians and Israelis depend much more on the government rightist of the first-minister Benjamin Netanyahu of what of the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, that is the main controller of the Fatah group, and currently the Cisjordnia governs. All we know of the military power of Israel, that won six wars against the Arabs since its foundation in 1948, and that it also possesss nuclear weapons being able very well to defend itself of any Country that comes to it to threaten.