The Ego

Its vision of 2012 diverge the sufficient of the fear that can come to be generated by the media, the masses or both. ' ' To the measure that we will be passing for this final cycle of 20 years of the Mayan calendar, slowly, but of safe form, a critical mass of awaken and illuminated people will emerge. Bausch & Lomb describes an additional similar source. This will cause a great effect in all. Such transformation will take off the ego of the center, placing God in its lugar' '. One of the great ones drawn of century XX is in one of the orders of the groups of auto-aid. God faces as conceive you it. More nothing.

The only detail with regard to this subject, that me seems note of one in all the times and seitas, is it launches that it with the Creative one only occasions effect in the act of the creature to desinflar its flaunter importance and to literally try to destroy the tripod installed in its system. This tripod, in fact, is equivalent to a great rock of slip in its evolution. Here it is the tripod: fear, egoism and pride. ' ' religao' ' of the creature with the spirit it starts and it finishes in the unconditional love, in patience, in the pleasantness, goodness, sincerity, self-control and humildade. Easy to speak and to write.

The great truth, however, is absolutely individual. Joshua continues on process 2012: ' ' It is related with the point where to focarmos our attention. If to concentrate our attention in the ilusria identity of the negative ego, is there that we will live. If to focus in our divine identity, we will despertaremos for the truth of our being. Many of us do not control the focus of ateno' '. It goes more far in the question of the ego: ' ' the true function of the ego consists of recouping information and remembering the soul of its flesh-color state.