The Country

The same must have an area sufficient to install the balance and that one auxiliary equipment with which is interacted in the processes of pesaje. Of equal way one is due to anticipate the space required by interconnection cables, electrical current, connection to the information system, the printer, etc. 3. To avoid that in the vicinity they are installed equipment that produces magnetic fields high or vibrations like centrifuges, electrical, compressing motors and generators. 4. To avoid that one is under the direct influence of the conditioned air systems solar light and airflows. 5.

To have an electrical taking in good state, equipped with pole to provided land of switches, whom the country or the laboratory fulfills the effective electrical standardisation in. Operation of the electronic balance The operation of a modern electronic balance clearly is defined in the manual of operation that provides the manufacturers. Generally the following procedure is due to fulfill: 1. To allow that the balance balances its conditions with those of the atmosphere where of finds installed. 2.

To allow that the balance is preheated before initiating the activities. Normally it is enough that the same is connected the system of power supply. Some manufacturers suggest lets themselves pass a period of time of at least 20 minutes, from the moment in which energiza until the moment at which the use of the same begins. The analytical balances Class I require at least 2 hours before initiating their use. 3. To verify that the balance is calibrated. The electronic balances generally have a calibration done in factory, stored in the memory, which can be used if it is not had masses of calibration. If it is required to realise the calibration, one is due to have calibrated masses to be able to carry out the procedure that indicates the manufacturer. The calibrated masses used must fulfill or exceed tolerances ASTM.