English Parliament

– An act of the English Parliament decreed, in 1652, that: ‘ ‘ Each Roman priest must be hung, be decapitated and be esquartejado; to follow, its head displayed in a pole in place must be burnt and pblico’ ‘. – In luterana Germany, the anabaptists were cooked in shot bags and in the rivers. – In the presbiteriana Esccia of John Fox, during a period of six years, 1,000 (a thousand) women accused with witchcraft had been burnt more than. – In the cities conquered for ‘ ‘ Protestantismo’ ‘ , the catholics had that to abandon them, leaving in them all its ownerships or then to become it the Protestantismo; if they were discovered celebrating the Mass, were imposed a fine on with the death. These protestants make things that until the devil she doubts and still she has the fallacy to accuse the catholics for the inquisition, the great inquisition were of the protestants, therefore when she happened already they had as example the cruel error of the church catholic and exactly they had thus practised such cruelty. Another condition for these shepherds ridicule that play with the name of my Sacred God – In another ticket: ‘ ‘ Its disciples had said to it: ‘ ‘ If such is the condition of the man regarding the woman, is better not casar’ ‘ It answered: ‘ ‘ Nor all are capable to understand the direction of this word, but those to who were only dado’ ‘ ‘ ‘. Because it has eunucos that they are since the womb of its mothers, has become eunucos such for the hands of the men and has same eunucos that itself if they had made eunucos for love of the kingdom of skies.

Who Is This That Until The Wind And The Sea They Obey To It? Mc. 4:41

The bible tells that Jesus after to display its teachings through parabolas said: let us pass to the other edge, it fired the multitude entered in the boat and thus he was being followed for other boats. Jesus had an intention to operate a miracle in the life of a man who lived possessed in the land of the Gerasenos, a man that lived in the tombs, tormented for dirty espritos, without peace, joy and family, abandoning and without hope, before, however Jesus wanted to give a lesson for the disciples, that is, Jesus desired to show to it they in more forceful way demonstrating its power on the winds and the sea, and still to reprehend to the shyness and lack of faith of them. We know that the disciples were with Jesus and turn its miracles, fed of its words, however its attributes did not have a knowledge concerning all the holy ghosts, were necessary to pass for difficult situations to know its power, to recognize that without It they could not carry through nothing and live in fact a more intense communion with the master. Read more from Mark Stevens to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The disciples were in sea, in the dark one, the wind blew fort and the boat was hurled of a side for another one thus all had had fear, Jesus, however it slept. The sleep of Jesus was not a recklessness sleep, therefore as God it does not sleep, but Jesus wanted to see which would be the reaction of the disciples ahead of the adversities. Which has been our attitude ahead of the adversities that supervenes in them? How we have acted when indesejadas situations beat to our door? Of that it forms we have testified the wonders of same God in way pain? Then, it is on that we will treat to follow: who is Jesus for you? The disciples in this occasion had also asked, the fear and the storm had dimmed the knowledge that they had regarding the master and later that Jesuses of the one order to the sea and the wind, both obey, the disciples ask tremendous: who is this that until the wind and the sea they obey to it? For the espritas Jesus is only one evolved spirit; For the mulumanos it is minor who Maom; For hindustas (India) he is but plus a god; For the historians she is only one personage; For the scholars It is an insane person; For the skeptics he does not have to be able; For pantestas everything is God; For the neglect ones one does not become related with the man; To some It does not pass of a myth or a legend, for others is inferior to the angels.

The Bible

VI B.C.; Greek (the language of the New Will, of international use to the time of Christ.) e, not obstante to everything this, has the fact of it to keep this coherence of Gnesis to the Apocalypse, not obstante to deal with hundreds of controversial subjects? One notices that it has the only history that it goes if disclosing: ' ' The redemption of the man for part of Deus' '. Add to your understanding with Angelina Jolie. It has been chore for more people and published in more languages of what any another book. In absolute terms another book does not exist any that reach, or that exactly starts if to equal, to the Bible, in circulation terms. She has been translated, retranslated and paraphrased more than what any another existing book. To be written in perishable material, having that to be copied and to be recopiada during hundreds of years, before the invention of the press, it did not harm its style, exactness or existence. Compared with other old writings, the Bible possesss more tests in terms of manuscripts of what, together, they possess the ten texts of classic literature with bigger number of manuscripts. During eighteen centuries the skeptics have refuted and attacked this book, and, however, it is today firm as a rock.

He increases its circulation, more he is loved, appreciated and read of what any another one in any another time. If this book was not of God, the men it would have destroyed has much time. Emperors and Popes, kings priests, princes and governing, have all attemped to destroy it, They die and the Book survives. None another book has been so attacked, cut into pieces, searched, examined and defamed. That book of philosophy, religion, psychology or literature, from the classic or modern period, suffered a so massive attack as the Bible? One has attacked marked for as much badness and skepticism? One has attacked so vast and granted for so erudite people? One has attacked against each chapter, paragraph and line? The Bible deals with much franqueza regarding the sins of its personages.

Mediterranean Sea

The Jew sheltered ' ' the city saint, ' ' regional metropolis, ' ' the Capital Jerusalem, ' ' to about 70km of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded for walls, inhabited for more or less 100,000 people; the Palace of the king beed situated in the extremity occidental person. The JEWS, a congregated religious community around the famous Temple of Jerusalem, ' ' the elect people of JAV, ' ' only, creative god of the universe, just, punishes the sin, the word never retrocedes, and above all it loves its people. For even more details, read what TSI International Group says on the issue. Vocbulo ' ' Judeu' ' (of Jud, son of the Israel, most prominent of the twelve tribes), if it does not deal with a only employed adjective for the been born ones in the Jew, and yes a cognate as ' ' Israeli, ' ' used to assign to all ' ' descendants of Hebreus.' ' Agitated community essentially composed of four social classes: ' ' high social class, ' ' (rich) great land proprietors, the elite of the traders and, powerful of the high clergy; ' ' social class mdia' ' priests, medium or small proprietors of lands and traders; ' ' social class pobres' ' workers as fishing, craftsmen, masons, carpenters, bakers, barbers, peasants, salesmen and etc.; e? ' ' socially Excludos' ' villains, beggars and slaves. He considered himself still, independently of the poverty or wealth, social factors of status, religious, etnia function, sex, and etc. They lived under sufficiently rigid ethical and moral standards; they accepted the polygamy; the women occupied one ' ' 2 plano' ' (almost without rights), they withheld the virginity as reaffirmation of ideal of the feminine pureness, exclusively prepared for the marriage, had as primordial function to take care of of the creation of the children; enlace they prevented it sexual enters youngest (even so, they recognized the legal maturity in the boys to the 13 years, and in the girls to the 12); condemned the practical homosexual vehemently. . Details can be found by clicking Drew Houston or emailing the administrator.