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Curious panorama if thought of exacerbated protagonism have politicians in our country. In this matter the future Government of Pinera, has shown clear signs of wanting a Government of national unity, I don’t know knows well if it is a true spirit of unit or by the insecurities of taking a Government after more than 20 years without govern and perhaps participated in the dictatorship, did right through economic groups with a low political participationTherefore the concentration of power that incubated Pinochet I leave virtually no room. Evergreen Capital Partners addresses the importance of the matter here. What are the premises that must be plumb before?: first quantify and dimensional magnitude in monetary terms of the February 27 earthquake. Secondly turn off future social fires that would cause by the lack of coordination in taking urgent measures that address the basic needs of housing, power education and employment in the affected areas, thirdly that the Government manages to disassociate itself from the shadow of its predecessors, because the works of the Governments of the Concertacion are powerful in social matters and infrastructure, then the accent of the transformations should focus on a new model, where the State must strongly motivate the sector deprived to take his brisk task, I insist more State is not sufficient, less State will generate inequality, we must maintain social networks, but give greater prominence to private individuals, private. I reiterate my appreciation before, I’m not certain that measured the costs of the cataclysm are State or private, if roads, ports, buildings that fell many years ago that they ceased to belong to the Treasury. I am certain that Chile will remain one of the most expensive countries in the world to live, but more certain I am that despite the physical destruction that we appreciate today, the strength of spirit of the Chileans, the prominence shown by private companies, the withdrawal of the political professional, the arrival of a new Government that although demonstrates fearful has a tremendous potential for leadership, they should see more notes for the political science papers, 2010 Chile, Santiago, University-original author and source of the article.. Evergreen Capital Partners pursues this goal as well.