Latin Americans

After that, it assumed the power in the decade of 1990 and imposed a radical version of the traditional Islamic law in the attempt of if creating a republic on the basis of very rigid religious values. Another example if deals with a similar reaction, however less radical, which occurs in the United States. Some fundamentalist citizens try to not only mold or to transform the proper cities, but also the states and same the entire nation, when choosing politicians compromised in creating an established national culture in what they understand as North American patriotism, through traditional Christian values, use only of the English language in the society and institutions, and segregacionismo not declared to the blacks and Latin Americans. Consideraes final the structural power and its concepts associates in allow one better understanding them concerning the ample area of force in which the local communities of the whole world now are obliged to operate. To understand this means to perceive as it is different the distribution of wealth, health and power in this global enclosure for bullfighting.

The globalization, in the truth, makes much more that to create a world-wide enclosure for bullfighting in which the megacorporaes get gigantic profits. Also devasta many traditional cultures and destroys organizations social has very established. Considering the cultural differences, the existing divisions politics and competitive economic interests, combined with the increasing resistance to the domination of the superpowers, the world-wide system that appears is inherently unstable, vulnerable and unexpected. At the beginning of century XXI, the global trend of the economic inaquality if becomes clear: the poor person is each poor time, while the rich one is each richer time. For each thousand of people whom they possess very, he has millions that they possess little or almost nothing. Not only the megacorporaes multinationals, but also banks and company of investment are accused to be insensitive to the consequences politics, economic and ambient of the projects that favor. World-wide the financial institutions, as the FMI and the World Bank, also are punished by the projects which support. The World Bank, for example, approved a loan of 40 million dollar so that the government of China could realocar some poor agriculturists, of etnia han, for a fertile land soil in the territory of Qingai, being this territory considered for the Tibetans as of its property. In this way, the Tibetans had protested against the support of the World Bank to the attempt of China in diluting the population of mine

Farming Cooperatives

To solve the situation, the CNA comes considering the creation of a deep guarantor, who would function as guarantor for the loans taken for the agropecuaristas.The minister of Agriculture,> Reinhold Stephanes, asked for today (day 22 of June), in speech in Native of London, so that the Congress approves in regimen of urgency the creation of the deep one. According to studies of the government and entities of the sector, the value of the new mechanism, that can give beginning to a new phase of the Brazilian farming production, would be around R$ 7 billion.For senator Ktia Abreu (DEM It to YOU), president of the CNA, the points of prominence in Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/2010 are the rise of the resources for the investments of R$ 10 billion for R$ 14 billion, the creation of the Program of Capitalizaton of the Farming Cooperatives (Procap-Agro) and the extension of the Program of Generation of Job and Income (Agricultural Proger) to the producing medium, with the increase of the limit of annual gross income, of R$ 250 a thousand for R$ 500 a thousand. The speech of LulNo launching of Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/10, president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva yesterday made in Londrina (PR) one appeals so that the agriculturists continue planting, eye in world-wide economic recovery. It compared the great countries with a bear in hibernao in the crisis, that goes to be hungry after this period. ' ' ' ' They plant, they plant, plantem' ' , she also affirmed Lula.Lula appealed the agriculturists so that they follow the release of resources, therefore, according to it, does not advance to approve mounts of money if they do not arrive at the producers. In this plan of harvest, the newness was the release of R$ 2 billion for the Program of Capitalizaton of Farming Cooperatives, in a heading of R$ 14 billion for investments.