First Venezuelan Businessmen

Overview, scope is a serious concern among Venezuelan businessmen still active in a scenario of uncertainty, turbulent, risky, as it has faced in 2008 and where we do not see positive changes for 2009, especially when has seen and felt what it has represented the drop in oil prices and the effects of serious global economic crisis. For even more details, read what Drew Houston says on the issue. Remarkably, there are many SMEs in different countries rubles, which have ceased operations in Venezuela, and elsewhere, remains much uncertainty in their production processes, with much fear of the actions of the current government fully identified with the new wants to institute socialism through the Bolivarian Revolution, topical management consulting firm, project development, human resource training and market research, market research, consumer behavior, new product development, diagnosis and measurement of market viewed with great interest the current behavior markets and future prospects of this, in a turbulent scenario, critical as it faces Venezuela in the present and considers it very important that domestic entrepreneurs are prepared for the impact that can be generated not only by the incidence of the effects of current global economic crisis, but by falling oil prices, the country’s main economic input and actions of government economic programs that have a decisive impact on the behavior of inflation in the country. It is very true what he brings Elsa Pena Cecilia, in a letter on Asdrubal Oliveros, director of the consulting firm Ecoanalitica, who outlined its forecast for the next like that: “In 2009, the party will end the country’s economic.” Where in addition, inflation and unemployment, are the most tangible consequences for the Venezuelans, the product of the fall in oil prices triggered by the financial crisis in the United States. .