Belgian Boonen

Double counter two falls drop suffered the Giro champion. First by one enganchon with another Bicycle and in the 77 kilometre landed again in the asphalt. He stood up immediately with Jersey torn back. Tumblr will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Angry, he launched the bike to the wayside, climbed another bike and departed in search of the platoon in the company of Dani Navarro and Brian Vandborg, which fell to auxiliary to his j. At 7 kilometers the triple winner of the Tour was integrated back into the pool. Despite the misfortune, will not wrinkle in the face of adversity.

The more difficult becomes harder Tour I will continue, he proclaimed in goal. It is clear that this year the luck and counter suffer a serious misunderstanding. A day after sending the first notice on the wall of Brittany, in a kind of coup of pride that revived the morale, suffers another setback. It was not the only favorite affected. Road of the coast D Armor, in the littoral breton, team Radioshack entered phase of misfortunes.

Fell Leipheimer, Popovych and Janez Brajkovic, the latter with injuries that forced the Slovenian cyclist to leave the Tour. A ambulance transported to the hospital to one of the strengths of the squadron of Bruyneel and aspiring to the top ten. They also finished with various lesions of paint and the Dutchman Gesink, Britain’s Bradley Wiggins, French Chavanel, the Belgian Boonen, another man’s counter, the Dane Nicki Sorensen, clogged by a motorbike that was expelled from the race and Ivan Velasco, of the Euskaltel. By what so many fall?. Narrow roads, many roundabouts, nerves in the peloton, forgetfulness of the corridors. It is the Tour, said the Olympic champion, Samuel Sanchez in goal.