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EFE more than one hundred European personalities of culture and sport have signed an open letter to the heads of State and Government of the EU. Also subscribe missive, among others, the philosopher Fernando Savater and writer Javier Marias, in addition to several Olympic champions. All of them are worried about to drastically reduce scholarships because of disputes over the budgets of the EU. The actor Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodovar film director and President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rossell, are some of the Spanish personalities who have acceded to the European initiative in support of the threatened Erasmus University exchange programme. More than one hundred European personalities from the worlds of education, art, literature, economics, philosophy and sport have signed an open letter to the heads of State and Government of the EU in support of Erasmus, he has today informed the delegation in Madrid from the European Commission. Also subscribe to the letter, among other things, the philosopher Fernando Savater and the writer Javier Marias. Other European figures include the Greek Cypriot Christopher Pissarides, premio Nobel in Economics (2010), the German actor of Spanish origin Daniel Bruhl and several Olympic champions.

Do they all ECHO is the concern of the students by the system and that the granting of scholarships because of disputes over the budgets of the EU be reduced drastically for 2012 and 2013?. The program already this year boasts 90 million euros less, and there are fears that the situation worsen in 2013, although over the past twenty-five years, Erasmus has made it possible to almost three million young Europeans to study in another country. The letter points out that if the budgets of the EU for 2012 and 2013 are not sufficient to maintain the commitments undertaken with students, thousands of them could lose is an experience that can change their life. Missive requests that investment in education and training constitute the core of Europe’s response to the crisis, and stresses the plans of the Commission increase opportunities for young people to improve their skills and their job opportunities with the new Erasmus programme for all, will begin in 2014. The letter concludes that Erasmus for all will cost less than 2% of the EU budget and in the coming weeks the heads of Government of the EU will have a unique opportunity in life give their approval to the new program and resources you need.


All human activities have effects on the environment where there are contributing to improving it, hopefully to not produce noticeable changes or damage to a greater or lesser extent.Wherever man goes it leaves traces of its presence and nature is compelled to adapt to the changes, not always meekly.Every industry has its consequences for the planet, stand out in the environment with waste disposal, generation of waste or smoking fireplaces.You could understand that tourism to be industry without chimneys does not produce all these drawbacks, however is to take a look on the main tourist spots in the world to see that anything provided by the massive arrival of visitors goes unnoticed.In recent years tourism has become one of the activities with more adherents, and that more to contributed to major changes in communities and ecosystems that remained unchanged for thousands of years until it was popularized this activity.Thinking about a trip, on warm beaches or faraway places help to overcome the daily routine of work and stress, and travel is to spend time the beings dear, friends and yourself, enjoying activities other than those of the rest of the year. Trips may be of few days, different tour, in multiple means of transport, but it doesn’t matter if it’s luxury or low-budget, the fact of the trip itself has a direct impact on the environment that we will visit and its inhabitants. With the constant growth of travelers in recent years has been taken conscience of the importance of protecting nature and their communities so that changes are not cause of the loss of the attractive qualities and so activity can be sustained in time and beneficial for the environment.In the early days of the 20th century, the boom of tourism, who only accessed the wealthy classes, was based on the concept that the important thing was the money that the visitor left without considering if it preyed on safaris in Africa local fauna or if members of the community were working in conditions of slavery and servitude.Earnings not generated any benefit to the environment and its inhabitants and the consequences were seeing through time as dire.Fortunately today, to become aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, tourism also will agree to changes, reformulating new concepts and ways of practicing this activity.Thus was born the ecotourism, pointing to the practice of sustainable tourism, friend of the environment, which meets the needs of the communities where is carried out and that is economically profitable.Do according to code? tico world for tourism is reducing the negative effects of tourism on the environment and the cultural heritage at the time that leverage to maximize the benefits of tourism in promoting sustainable development.To achieve this goal you must think about planned tourism which contributes to maintain and improve the biological and cultural diversity, using resources in a judicious way, reducing consumption and waste.

The Heuristical

However it is difficult not to find in an entrepreneur of small company some characteristic of an entrepreneur. According to Carland (Caland, 1992) what it varies is the degree of the trend entrepreneur of the individual. According to 3 9241 ISO, usability measure the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction with which using they can reach specific objectives in a particular environment. The system must disponibilizar the experienced users the operations of shortcut as: abbreviations, soft keys, double click in mouse, clear language and without codes to inform errors and to help the user to understand the problem. Source: John Paulson. Alterations for a good Usability: To accurately present the information that the necessary user at the moment, nor more nor less;? The terminology of being based on the language of the user and not being guided to the system;? The system must show the dialogue elements and allow that the user makes its choices, without necessity to remember to a command a specific one;? A command or action must always have the same effect;? The same operation must be presented in the same localization;? The system must continuously inform the user on what it is making.

2.1. Heuristical of Jakob Nielsen Considered ‘ ‘ father of usabilidade’ ‘ , Jakob Nielsen divides the usability in five basic criteria: the intuitividade, the efficiency, the memorization, the error and the satisfaction. The Heuristical ones of Nielsen (Jakob Nielsen, scientist of the computation with Ph.D in man-machine interaction) describe properties that must occur in a Web system of high usability. Credit: Source-2011. Visibility of the state of the system? Compatibility of the system with the real world? Control and freedom of the user? Consistency and standards? Prevention of errors? Recognition instead of souvenir? Flexibility and efficiency of use? Aesthetic and design minimalista?

A New Career Path For Jacob?

It’s been a while since I posted here – life has been eventful and, in hindsight, largely very good. But if you’d asked me a month or so ago I might not have been so positive.

The local cable company I was working for got consolidated into a different multi-national conglomerate entertainment behemoth who have a very different strategy for online marketing so, in a word … I got laid off. I was a very unhappy camper for a week or two, since I’d invested a lot of time and strategic thought into the project that I had been working on.

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Not Quite So Bad After All

Well, things could be better at work, but they could be worse. They definitely are going to go ahead and adjust the website so that there will be much less geeking for me. Other people in the company will now have much more responsibility for putting content on the site. However, none of them really know what they’re doing. Read More