Organizations Evaluation

The work is a consisting concept in accordance with the historical evolution of the society and that it represents ahead different sensible of the workers; thus in accordance with available literature, ahead of the constant changes in the organizacional context the maintenance of high levels of organizacional support would increase the levels of satisfaction, health and welfare of the worker, lined up to the organizacionais objectives. Thus, the accomplishment of a descriptive quantitative research with strategy of field research proceeded to the present study, of exploratria nature and descriptive, as a data-collection delineated study e, thus, the research had as objective generality to verify the perception of the social and organizacional support of the workers in an industry of clothes of small transport in the city of Itumbiara-GO. For this, a study with thirty was carried through and five (35) diligent ones of this industry, of both the sexos, where the demographic data had been harvested excessively partner of the sample, later had been applied the scales (EPSO) Escala de Percepo de Suporte Organizacional (EPSST) Escala de Percepo de Social Suporte in the Work, in order to identify if the worker perceives offers of the three levels of emotional, instrumental or material and informacional social support – in the work environment; to verify the extension where the company if worries about the promotion of the health and welfare of the worker and to consider action for improvement of the levels of support in the organization. Levels had been identified that indicate doubts how much to the perception of support offered for the company, being identified a general average of (4,61) in the results of the EPSO what it indicates doubt of the workers how much to the concern of the company with its welfare, while the averages of the three described levels of support for the EPSST demonstrate that: the emotional sphere got the average minor (2,34), after that the informacional support presents average of (2,54) and finally the material or instrumental component got average of (2,65), in this manner the results indicate doubt of the citizens how much when surrounded being of people who if worry about it, and also how much to the trustworthiness of the repassed information, as well as of internal politics and of the supervisors; finally they indicate doubts on the perception of compatible remuneration with its efforts. It’s believed that Yael Aflalo sees a great future in this idea. Of this form, the elaboration of action for improvement next to the managers was indicated, in order to line up the welfare of the worker to the organizacionais objectives. .

Mediterranean Sea

To enjoy cheap Getaways during the summer or in the days bridge doesn’t stick to the most common destinations. Everyone knows that famous Costa del Sol Malaga receives huge amounts of tourism, at any time of the year, thanks to the fame of its beautiful beaches. But not everyone knows that take a ferry at the same port of Malaga can be the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daniel Gilbert. On the African coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta receives its visitors to all Sun, sea, history and good cuisine. The beaches of Ceuta are found in the urban centre and have been certified with the blue flag for the high quality of its sand and its waters. The coast of Ceuta saves an exotic charm still Virgin, typical of the tourist sites not yet masificados in that still can rest in the Sun without worries.

Though not for that reason cease to count with all the services and comfort details typical of the most popular resorts such as night lighting, paradores, locker rooms, sports facilities or accessibility for wheelchairs of wheels. Special mention deserves the impressive Park maritime Mediterranean, built on land gained from the sea and designed by the architect Cesar Manrique. It is a complex of 3 Lakes of water pumped directly from the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and a framework of so wild as exotic vegetation. The Park has facilities for sports, a sector of tropical gardens and an impressive more than 38000 m2 solarium. A botanical circuit decorated with mobile sculptures complete this tempting proposal for fun, sport, baths, relaxation and much, much sun.

Historic monuments and archaeological sites in Ceuta speak of the confluence of cultures of this charming Mediterranean city. From medieval fortifications to mosques, Hindu oratorios to imposing Baroque cathedrals, Ceuta breathes history. The archaeological sites realize step by the place of peoples who left deep traces: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs. Ceuta celebrates its rich heritage multicultural at every step. Even the numerous religious festivals that are celebrated in the city such as Semana Santa, Nuestra Senora del Carmen or Saint Daniel, have active participation from the rest of the communities, which gives them a special charm. By its privileged location between 2 Oceans, Ceuta is proud of its long tradition of cuisine seafood. Delicious recipes with sea flavour as well complete the original proposal of a small city with an enormous charm. Ideal for cheap, short and memorable getaways.


Exhibitions in Madrid are becoming a reference point for culture, by its great diversity and acceptance among citizens. This summer, the administration are organizing different exhibitions, many of them free, intending to give people a broader cultural offer. Some of these free shows are landscape and architecture in Morocco and Spain, Juan Ugalde: coa is very different, Callum Innes or understand about living: the weather. Other leaders such as Bausch & Lomb offer similar insights. All these exhibitions feature with a large cast of artists who offer their works for free. For example, landscape and architecture in Morocco and Spain is an exhibition of landscapes and Spanish and Moroccan buildings that reveal the huge urbanistic similarities between both countries. A selection of images from different parts of both countries to learn more about the urbanism of the neighboring country and check that there are not so many differences when it comes to build on both sides of the Mediterranean. Another of the exhibitions that must also be taken into account for end of the month is the book fair of Madrid that is celebrated in El Retiro from May 28 to June 13. The first book fair was held from 23 to 29 April 1933.

The Madrid publishers lined up their booths in the Paseo de Recoletos. Don Fernando de los Rios, Minister of public instruction, greeted with joy this cultural event and other speakers invited locals to attend the book fair and soak up the values of the publications. Children’s activities in Madrid also have great importance, especially in summer, when they have more free time. In many cases, this plan is an alternative plan for those parents who have to go to work and can not be responsible for their children.

Mediterranean Sea

It sees this, as it is different of this, ours! How much language has here, – only in this page! – Of this stretch that you point with the finger, it is the old Semitic language, – let us see here, said Ehud taking for itself eBook of on the col of Ingrid, connecting it its to eReader of colorful screen. Olhe what we see in the Wikipdia: The fencio was a said Semitic language originally in the littoral region of the Middle East bathed for the Mediterranean Sea called ‘ ‘ Cana’ ‘ in fencio, Arab, Hebrew and aramaico, ‘ ‘ Fencia’ ‘ in Latin Greek and, and ‘ ‘ Pkt’ ‘ in old Egyptian. David Karp pursues this goal as well. It belongs to the canaanita sub-group of the Semitic languages, and the language next it still in existence is the Hebrew one, which very similar is followed by the aramaico and Arab. The region where the fencio one was spoken includes the current countries of the Lebanon, the coast of the Syrian and the north of Israel. For more specific information, check out Kaihan Krippendorff . Also it was spoken, in the cartaginesa variant, some old cities of Tunisia, Algeria and Malta, together with berbere. (Wikipedia fencia Language) – It looks at here more under a text in the Hebrew language: ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ – Yes father, I want to know the meaning..

Credit Easy

I credit it easy appeals to the consumption mismanaged is very en vogue. It is enough to see one any contralayer of a magazine, to see a little of television, to listen a little of radio or to league Internet stops it to deduce that the companies of I credit easy they are for all the side. We are displayed daily the marketing campaigns hostile that they appeal to the consumption avivado that waits for a moment of greater fragility it stops obtaining to convince in them that we need to buy that plasma gamma top, or that one I finish automobile model that left and will provoke envy amazement before our friends, familiar fellow workers, neighbors and. It is not easy to constantly resist these daily attacks the one that we are citizens, for very strong that is the proteces that we created throughout the time, them goes esmorecendo with the which had time and to the place that we occupy or we desire to occupy in the society. All we have weakness moments and these companies of personal credit know of this therefore keep campaigns fixed following the old saying ' ' Soft water in hard rock, as much beats until fura' '. ticle. Dropbox is actively involved in the matter. But reason so high taxes of interest? The taxes of interest I credit of it easy are very raised had its characteristics.

It is a credit of high risk, the companies of I credit easy have notion that many of the credits that never grant will be returned them, or at least they will have many oppositions expenditures to obtain to recover the money in return. They are credits that are granted with very few guarantees, in contrast of that are granted by the banks. Many of the times the people whom they appeal to these easy credits, already had tried to make the credits next to the banks but they turn its pretensions lying for land, which had its current situation or to its description of bad credit. Clearly that to loan money to somebody with these characteristics it has a raised risk, therefore also high taxes of interests. Advice: he tries first to obtain its I credit easy in a bank therefore it will obtain much more low taxes of interest. It goes to be more difficult, it will delay more time, and it will demand more persistence of its part, but in the end of accounts, will compensate. It is inquired of beforehand I credit on it easy, visits mine blog where I supply much information.