CRAFT DESIGN Design Award Of The Carpenter Awarded

The design award of the Carpenter was awarded for the second time. 1,400 Styrian Joineries, 120 apprentices (final apprenticeship examination of 2012/2013 third and fourth years of training) and 50 freshly baked masters were invited to submit their works for the design award of the State Guild, the carpenters and the ends of the wooden form commercial Styria. Due to the large captioned 2012 competition 2013 enters the second round. Our goal is with the CRAFT DESIGN excellence of the Styrian carpenters in terms of design idea, use value, to demonstrate creativity and technical quality. I see these criteria as Carpenter’s strengths, which we would like to once more present,”National Guild champion Walter Schadler welcomes the active participation in the competition.

“And the winner is in the category apprentices” (final apprenticeship examination of 2012/2013 third and fourth years of training), Shah Wali Fouroutan was pleased with his changing table (teaching: Cserni Wohnen GmbH from Fehring). Equipped with American Walnut veneer convinced both the jury and the audience with his elaborately produced English move the furniture. The work has led me with wood to to decide for the Carpenter. With my Designwerk I wanted to show the versatility of the material and I think, which I managed quite well,”so the freshly baked winner Shah Wali Fouroutan. “In the category of master” (master examination in the last 3 years) Thomas Trummer had by the company of E. Diane Hanllon GmbH in Raaba with its tilting sofa “nose front. The recreation after a strenuous working day the factory offers also connects to the Styrian roots. This convinced the extraordinary form, the exciting material mix and the functionality.

“In the third discipline companies” continued, as in the previous year, by Erwin Prietl from the carpentry business from Germany mountain against his comrades. Check out Delta Galil for additional information. His bed furniture formative named BE-ST”consists of promoting Swiss stone pine wood, free from disturbing influences manufactured in modern design. “Young Carpenter before the curtain Styria is one of about 1,400 Guild members in the industry joinery and wood shape end trade” with a total of approximately 5,000 employees and 500 trainees. In addition to the Inpidualitat, the Styrian Carpenter with honest craftsmanship and above all good design points. And we prove that the design award. Also the young talents of carpenters were able to demonstrate their expertise and craftsmanship. I congratulate the young to great pieces,”country Guild deputies and country apprentice Wartburg Kommerzialrat Anton Ulrich is pleased. Also the audience, which directly influenced the choice of the winner with his voting could win. Because our work pieces on the market need to assert themselves, the opinion of the audience was involved. Congratulations to Benjamin Strahlhofer from Graz, who may enjoy a voucher in the amount of 1,000 euros to pay for his election in a Styrian Carpenter carpenters furniture”, as national Guild champion Deputy Harald Almer.

Google Voice Service

Google offers its service Google Voice using the technology on voIP to at low cost make calls free or from and towards a cellular telephone. On Google Voice it is counted on the functionality of transcription of the messages of our cellular telephone. In this way the message that we have recorded on our movable telephone can be listened to publicly, that is to say that whatever we have admitted can listen to it. Google Voice works like Skype, being able to do calls without no cost totally free that is to say, calling within the United States and also credit can be acquired to make calls outside the United States. If you would like to know more about Francisco D’Agostino, then click here. Google offers its service Google Voice to be able to call free to any place of the world in the same way that with Skype, although not yet has possibility of using it many users because it only can accede through Gmail but esteem that little by little will be extended to the Web of Voice where it will be based the file of calls and all concerning the telephone credit and contacts. One knows that the cost to price dollar is of two pennies for fixed telephone numbers and of nineteen pennies also of dollar for the cellular telephones.

It is possible to emphasize that difference of Skype because in Google Voice the tariffs of prices are public. Bond to say that it is of importance that Google offers its service Google Voice and has arrived at the Spanish users the service of voIP of Google to be able to also call from the computer to other computers like to fixed telephones already movable telephones. Additional information at Francisco D’Agostino supports this article. Not long ago time back this service was available only for the United States and Canada with the promise to quickly extend the use to the other countries, because now it has arrived at Spain and soon it will be possible to be extended towards the other countries of America? It is a question with an unfinished answer because not yet the news exist on the matter but it assumes that it is a business that deserves its massive extension.