Women Taking Medications

Medicines called chemical which when injected into the body causing it certain reactions. The main action of drugs – treatment of diseases, however, apart from the main reactions, medications can cause undesirable effects. Every medication has side effects: most of them are becoming known even before its release for sale in clinical trials. The wider and longer used the drug, the accumulates more information about its side effects. In developed countries there is a whole system of tracking and collecting data about the effects of drugs, and there are cases barring release of drugs after a few years wide application. Women should be especially careful when using medicines.

The current trend of doctors prescribe multiple drugs with different actions and inattention of many women to issues of contraception lead to frequent cases of drug treatment in early pregnancy. In this regard, it is important to know the following: – Clinical trials of drugs are generally not performed on pregnant women, for except in cases when a drug is intended to be used specifically during pregnancy. – Conclusions about the safety of drugs during pregnancy are made after the accumulation of sufficient data about its effect on pregnancy and subsequent development . Such data are more limited in quantity and quality of information and do not exclude the influence of other factors. Thus, drugs whose effects in pregnancy is well studied, very little, but the recognition is even less safe. Distributed also a misconception that folk remedies and vitamins can not adversely affect pregnancy.