What’s In a Name?

Yes it is true, Jacob Angel is a real name. And let me tell you I get a lot of comments about it. It’s really not such a good choice for me; although I’m hardly a bad guy, I’m certainly no angel. For that matter, nor is anybody else in my family. We have our own fair share of friendly, kind people and of people who you really wouldn’t wanna be around if you can avoid them.

I’m not real interested in genealogy, but an uncle of mine who’s taken a look at some family history reckons that the name dates from Middle English… it may have been a nickname, either for somebody who really was kind of angelic in their behaviour, or how they looked, or that perhaps they played the part of an angel in a pageant. I suspect we’ll never really know, but I kind of like that as an explanation.

I suppose I’ve always been a little bit self-conscious about the name, and it has affected my behaviour sometimes. For instance, I would never have done anything in high school or college where I might risk getting arrested. Apart from my parents, being absolutely insanely mad at me, I just couldn’t face the headlines in the local newspaper. You can see them now. “Fallen Angel”, or “Not Such an Angel After All.”

Nope, I was never gonna risk that.

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