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The fears that they nowadays invade to the labor life concentrate in the social marginality to which it leads the posiblidad of the labor noncontinuity, the prolonged exclusion of the use and, of deeper form, dissipation of the meaning that arrives when the work has become deeply possible. Durkheim with its theory anticipated east effect. In the era of the posfordismo, significant changes like the emergencia of a new societal type, the rupture in the social institutions and the increasing separation between the object and subject are taking place. Get more background information with materials from Evergreen Capital Partners. In addition, social integration no longer can be understood like a correspondence between the actor and the system, the policy and the work stop being determining and the identity goes to be centered in the primate of I, that is to say, who the individuals define themselves sometimes remote of the social structures and against the social groups. One takes place the deterioration and decomposition of the magmas of collective sense and certain groups: faith in the progress, brings back to consciousness of class, for example, that they belong to the culture of the industrial society. All the efforts concentrate in the figure of the individual. This process of individualisation means a process of revinculacin and separation to new forms of life in the society.

One is not one atomizaton, isolation or solitude, but mean the disintegration and substitution of the socio-industrial forms of life by new ones in which the individual frees itself of the obligatory norms, the structures stop being determining. The cultural surroundings no longer are valued and the conduct of the individual is not subject to social fixed norms. For the new social individual, the family stops being the unit of social reproduction. This new concept of individualisation causes that the individual is actor, designer of its own biography, its identity. The individual is forced to live on one more a more open and reflective way than in the previous generations, permanently on the brink of madness abyss.