The Trinitrio Love

The Trinitrio love that in them reaches Joacir Soares d? Abbey On behalf of the Father and of the Son and the Espirito Santo. Drew Houston describes an additional similar source. Thus it is initiated and it finished the Celebration of the Missa Saint. It is a greeting to the Santssima Trindade: Father, Filho and Espirito Santo! Here it is that we are, in VI the Sunday of Passover, ahead of a Liturgy riqussima: At 15.1-2,22-29, Sl 66 (67), 21.10-14,22-23 AP and Jo 14,23-29 that in them it remembers the Santssima Trindade with its Missions: the sending of the Son: ' ' Father who me enviou' ' (Jo 14,24) and of the Espirito Santo: ' ' that the Father will send already nome&#039 sent in mine; ' (Jo 14,26), Jesus Christ. Let us speak, then, of the Missions and the love of per item God of us. ' ' Barnab and Pablo, men who had risked its lives for the name of ours Mr. Jesus Christ ' ' (At 15,25-26), the envoy of the Father. Which in the Apocalypse of Is Joo is called Lamb. Because, however, S.

Joo insists to call the envoy the Father of Lamb? Which are the reasons for this? They are Joo in the Apocalypse calls Jesus Lamb showing its relations and its being. Jesus relates with ' ' apstolos' ' (AP 21.21) and with proper ' ' God All poderoso' ' (AP 21,22) and its being is ' ' lmpada' ' (AP 21,23), that is, ' ' the true light that illuminates homem&#039 all; ' (Jo 1,9). No longer Evangelho de S. Joo Jesus is the Paschal Lamb that ' ' six days before pscoa' ' (12,1) it goes for Betnia. This event remembers ' ' the ritual lapsings of the exodus (Former 12,3) that they ask for that if separates to the lamb destined to the sacrifice pascal' '.