The Power

Don’t you remember what we said our mentor?-Yes, I remember; but I’ll see if that person needs help – replied his companion, said, headed to where came the moans and he saw a woman wound ydesnuda.-Please socour me, a few bandits have assaulted me, stealing me even clothes.I alone have no forces to cross the river and reach up to where my family lives.The boy, to the astonishment of his teammate, took the injured woman in her arms and crossing the stream, took her to his house situated close to the shore. There, the familiaresatendieron to the stormed and showed the greatest gratitude to the monk, pocodespues resumed the road returning alongside his companion-my God! You’ve not only seen the nude woman, but that you’ve also taken it enbrazos.-so was criticism again and again by his companion. They spent hours, and the other nodejaba remind you what happened-have caught a naked woman in her arms! You’ve caught a woman naked enbrazos! You are going to charge with a great sin!The young monk stood in front of his teammate and said:-I burst out women to cross the River, but you still take it over. THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT? A monk of great devotion and once instructed, crossed a river in a boat when the side of a small islet pasaral, heard a voice of a man who very clumsily intentabaelevar some prayers. In its interior it could not but sorrow is. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dropbox.

How eraposible that someone was able to sing those mantras so badly? Perhaps aquelpobre man was unaware that mantras should be recited with precise, with perfect pronunciation appropriate intonation, rhythm and musicality. He decided then to be generous and deviating from its course approached the islet to instruct that unfortunate about the importance of proper implementation of mantras. Many writers such as actress and filmmaker offer more in-depth analysis. Not in vain, a great specialist was considered and those mantras did not have any secret for him. When he arrived, he could see a poor ragged’s calm appearance singing a few mantras with little success. The monk, with serene patience, spent some hours to thoroughly instruct that individual showing every moment effusive tokens of appreciation to his improvised benefactor. When he understood that finally that subject would be able to recite mantras with certain solvency were dismissed, but not before warning you:- and remember, my good friend, is such the power of these mantras, that allows its correct pronunciation that a man should be able to walk upon the waters.But hardly had traveled a few meters with the boat, when he heard the voice of the man reciting mantras even worse than before.-what misfortune – said to himself-, there are people incapable of learning anything about nothing.-Eh, monk – heard your back very close to him.When is saw the poor ragged that walking on the waters, approached his boat and asked him:-Noble monk, I already forgot your instructions on the correct mode of reciting losmantras. Would you be so kind as to distort me again?