The Outlook Of Liberalism

I saw with satisfaction how all aspects of Huila Liberals are preparing to participate in the consultation on 27 September. However, I must say I think too soon that would convene as scheduled, for the reasons expressed here. I made it clear that if the referendum passes the legal bodies that lie ahead, be prepared to accompany each other for a third term of President Uribe, for many reasons that share 80% of Colombians, but, among others, because I am I think the Liberal Party opposition has never had to make a man out of her womb. Unfortunately, and despite the strong popular support for the President, these judicial bodies of which I speak, are now highly entangled, with the opening of preliminary investigations against Representative who voted positively in the House and the uncertainties of subsequent revision of the Constitutional Court. On the other hand, lack of definition of national political realities is the only really strong today. Each day that passes becomes more evident that today no one is clear overview of the political parties even without Uribe in the race. Given all this, the Liberal Party has decided to make its consultation on 27 October, not only to choose directories but, it seems to clearly inconvenient, to choose its presidential candidate, knowing for certain that none of those who are now on the table would have the slightest chance of competing with an option for the presidency, even if President Uribe does not arise. We all know today that the percentage of the vote of Colombians by Pardo, Lopez Caballero, Gomez Mendez, Gaviria Correa Marulanda Velez, Lopez Montano, Rojas and even by the mime Gaviria Trujillo, where the case is negligible. Learn more about this with Don Mullen. So why persist in bringing liberalism to a disaster unprecedented in political history? Why not make a stop on the road and try to explore avenues that will lead to a repositioning on the national stage? Given the limited possibilities of a solution law to enable the President Uribe for a third term, is not it better to wait for the final definition on the fate of the referendum and in the meantime, ready interparty strategy to regroup scattered all liberal tendencies in all existing political parties in Colombia today, forces including Uribe? For me it is very clear that if we could agree a consultation involving LLERAS GERMAN VARGAS, JUAN MANUEL SANTOS and be chosen by consensus within the Liberal Party (which in my opinion should be RIVERA RODRIGO SALAZAR), that it would clear the overview of liberalism and put us strong options to get to the Presidency of the Republic. Of course presidential elections because diputarian between the candidate who wins the interparty consultation, the candidate of the Polo, or Petro Gaviria, that of Conservatism, Uribito or Nohemi Sanin, and the Independent Sergio Fajardo.