The Law

whatever!Anything will be attracted and will be there for you to make your dreams come true.He knows because many people buy the lottery but only one WINS it? Because only one person prepares to be rich, only one person is displayed as rich, and only one person buy ticket knowing that one day would win, but no matter if that person WINS or not, actually will be happy with the prize, or without the. When you ask for something in the universe, must be sure that is exactly what he wants, have security in their dreams, not ande of idea, changing each week, about what you want. You can be confundiendose and confusing law that attracts into your life, if you don’t want to attract confusion, then aclarese and hold firm their desires in your heart and in your mind. The relationship between you and the money is important, also, if they taught him that to be successful you should work hard all my life, and that this was the only way, you must also change that belief, it is not necessary to kill a whole life working to get what they want, I’m not telling you to stop your work, I’m telling you that if not enjoy what makes the work, it is because it is not connected with your universe, the idea is to do what he likes, you will enjoy their working hours and if you want better opportunities learn to give order to the universe. Thats what we do give orders with our thoughts. If you want to knowing a bit more about this book or to buy it, you can get it anywhere on the web, from Barnes and nobels to Amazon..