Tasmania Products

Ambrotose Advanced products are based on an innovative formula that offers a combination of Saccharides of last generation. They combine Saccharides and arabinogalactan of the aloe with the Undaria pinnatifida rich in fucoidanos, or wakame, a Brown seaweed that is obtained in the crystal clear waters of the coasts of Patagonia and Tasmania. The result: a proprietary blend of gliconutrientes to give support to the cellular welfare. General: The basic point of our system of 4 real products for the VidSM, the Advanced Ambrotose product, includes a combination of polysaccharides of plants, natural beta-carotene and other beneficial ingredients of plants to: They provide prebiotic effects giving support to the growth and proliferation of specific bacteria harmless. They give support for normal digestive health.

They support cellular communication. Moreover, in a small study clinical double-blind, placebo, Advanced Ambrotose powder controlled demonstrated improve immediate memory and recognition memory, improve mood and decrease irritability in middle-aged adults. The technology that supports the Ambrotose products has received more than 60 patents worldwide. Given that is the supplement to Advanced Ambrotose, : is made with real food technologies solutions. It is one of the 4 actual products for life. It comes from plants and natural sources. It has been created with cutting edge technology. It has quality ensured through our compliance with the good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Satisfaction guarantee offers 100% 90 days in Mexico. For more information about the product: frequently asked questions: what is the? Ambrotose? Ambrotose is a supplement gliconutricional *, a mixture of vegetable saccharides. Currently, there are two Ambrotose products: the Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose. The technology which develops the Ambrotose complex is patented in many countries, including the United States. These products are based on the same essential technology. Both are available in capsules and in powder form, that can be added to water or juice.