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It would help curb the flow of undocumented immigrants who want to enter the European Union. In 2010, 90% of the immigrants who illegally entered the Schengen area, made him across this border. Greece begins the construction of a huge pit dnsivo on the border with Turkey. With this he wants to contribute to slow the flow of undocumented immigrants who want to enter the European Union. The To Vima newspaper today published an extensive report on the construction of a trench anti trucks of 120 kilometers long, 30 meters wide and seven of depth. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Angelina Jolie on most websites. This pit will make the region of Evros an area essential in the dnsa of the country. Estee Lauder CEO contains valuable tech resources. According to To Vima, being already completed the first section of the work, of 14.5 kilometers in length.In addition, jobs are preparing for other two sectors 11 to 13.5 kilometers, respectively.

Trench, built by the armed forces, is part of the system of closure of the Greek-Turkish border to illegal immigration, according to To Vima. Illegal immigration in 2010, 90% of the immigrants who illegally entered the Schengen space, did so through this border, so that the Government in Athens threatened to build a wall to prevent the passage of immigrants. Thus, a mission of the European borders, Frontex Agency patrol was deployed. The construction of the moat has been criticized by organizations for the rights of immigrants and by experts in the field. They consider that this work is only a partial solution, because the smuggling of migrants can follow through the Evros river. From the military point of view, the work increases the ability of dnder the border against a hypothetical Turkish attack and will reduce military forces in the area and reduce expenses. In addition, it will also serve to prevent flooding, common in that region. Source of the news: Greece builds a moat dnsivo on the border with Turkey

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